Inspirational Stories that nurtured Greatest Moments for Fashion designing in 2017

The magical world of fashion always has something to amaze the viewers. A subtle but never-ending swing between the conventional and contemporary styles is constantly on in this world. This is probably one of the most exclusive arenas where multiplicity continues to woo us, and the one thing that keeps this allure alive is – designs!

Ranging from ethnic to western to retro and many others, fashion designs often leave us in awe. The vividness in these designs is distinct enough to add up to the viewers’ astonishment. Doesn’t this diversity make you wonder – where do the designers bring ideas and draw inspiration from? Well, this article tries to address your query with real life examples – the stories which crafted great moments in fashion designing!

Sculptures have long been a ‘trigger point’ for fashion designers and you know it how. A collection that made many heads turn was Fall / Winter collection of 2017 by Stephanie Rad. Stephanie, reportedly drew inspiration for her enthusiastic designer collection from a liquid marble carving, which showcases moving water; it turned out to be a smash last year.

Another noteworthy designer Fall / Winter 2017 collage came from Pamella Roland. She quotes Rothko’s Pace Gallery to be the driving force behind her designs, with all the praises for the historically known painter.
Bonnie Young’s designer collection of 2017 seems to craft yesteryear memories in a unique way. The designer tries to highlight stories that remained untold in the past – all with the exclusivity of fashion!
Many fashion designers are instinctively actuated with primeval interiors. Known fashion designer Cinq À Sept loves to explore the romance and nostalgia in such captivating interiors and you can have a feel of this in their latest 2017 collection.

Another recent designer collection of Ohlin D may seem offbeat to some, but is definitely rare for some reasons. The inspiration for this collection seems to have come in a library because it has been quoted as “Off-duty Librarian”.
Put precisely, you never know where the inspiration for something can come from and fashion designers are no exception in that sense. Interestingly though, some of those collections went on to hit the headlines 2017 in the fashion designing world.


It won’t be wrong to say that Bollywood has undoubtedly emerged as the most influential source when it comes to fashion trendsetting. And why not? It has never failed to leave it’s impact on the audience.
We’re all keen eyed while watching a Bollywood movie in terms of fashion be it clothing, makeup, hairstyle, footwear, accessories or body.
Here’s a list of few such movies that we’ve curated which gave us utmost #FashionGoals.


Didn’t we all fall in love with our “Desi Girl ” and of course her stunning and gorgeous golden saree that many fashion fanatics desired. The outfits worn by Priyanka Chopra in the movie were ravishing and dominated by halter necks that raised the bar in the fashion world.

Mr Perfectionist, Aamir Khan, has always been seen experimenting with his hairstyles and looks in films. Out of all, one of his most trendsetting style was the goatee that he sported in his film – Dil Chahta Hai, which was an instant and a massive hit, especially among youngsters, who follow it even today.


The movie, Aisha, was a real game changer in Bollywood that redefined fashion and introduced designer brands like Chanel, Dior, Ferragamo and Prada to the Indian audience. Ever since then, Sonam Kapoor has been acknowledged as Bollywood’s Style Queen. The movie was ultra glamorous that kept us drooling over the clothes and the styling and succeeded in setting up a benchmark.


Ever since the promo of Cocktail released, all you remember is girls going gaga over Deepika’s and Diana’s look, particularly Deepika’s. And we need not ask why. This movie was really high on fashion quotient. Palazzo pants and jumpsuits became the new fad amongst the youngsters. Hats off to the stylist – Anaita Shroff Adajania.


Our Bebo has always stolen the show whenever it came to setting trends. You see, there’s a reason she’s called a diva. In Tashan, Kareena Kapoor Khan did exactly the same. Who can forget her size zero figure that left everyone stupefied. Girls couldn’t help but envy her hot and sizzling figure and started hitting the gym to get the same.


Talking about trendsetters, how can we miss out on Ranveer Singh’s outrageous look in Bajirao Mastani in which he sported a curled handlebar moustache that created a frenzy among the masses and became talk of the town. The actor even mentioned about his fans sending him pictures of their ‘mooch’. Isn’t that cool?
Let’s see what Bollywood brings to the world of fashion in 2018 and hope for the best.