It won’t be wrong to say that Bollywood has undoubtedly emerged as the most influential source when it comes to fashion trendsetting. And why not? It has never failed to leave it’s impact on the audience.
We’re all keen eyed while watching a Bollywood movie in terms of fashion be it clothing, makeup, hairstyle, footwear, accessories or body.
Here’s a list of few such movies that we’ve curated which gave us utmost #FashionGoals.


Didn’t we all fall in love with our “Desi Girl ” and of course her stunning and gorgeous golden saree that many fashion fanatics desired. The outfits worn by Priyanka Chopra in the movie were ravishing and dominated by halter necks that raised the bar in the fashion world.

Mr Perfectionist, Aamir Khan, has always been seen experimenting with his hairstyles and looks in films. Out of all, one of his most trendsetting style was the goatee that he sported in his film – Dil Chahta Hai, which was an instant and a massive hit, especially among youngsters, who follow it even today.


The movie, Aisha, was a real game changer in Bollywood that redefined fashion and introduced designer brands like Chanel, Dior, Ferragamo and Prada to the Indian audience. Ever since then, Sonam Kapoor has been acknowledged as Bollywood’s Style Queen. The movie was ultra glamorous that kept us drooling over the clothes and the styling and succeeded in setting up a benchmark.


Ever since the promo of Cocktail released, all you remember is girls going gaga over Deepika’s and Diana’s look, particularly Deepika’s. And we need not ask why. This movie was really high on fashion quotient. Palazzo pants and jumpsuits became the new fad amongst the youngsters. Hats off to the stylist – Anaita Shroff Adajania.


Our Bebo has always stolen the show whenever it came to setting trends. You see, there’s a reason she’s called a diva. In Tashan, Kareena Kapoor Khan did exactly the same. Who can forget her size zero figure that left everyone stupefied. Girls couldn’t help but envy her hot and sizzling figure and started hitting the gym to get the same.


Talking about trendsetters, how can we miss out on Ranveer Singh’s outrageous look in Bajirao Mastani in which he sported a curled handlebar moustache that created a frenzy among the masses and became talk of the town. The actor even mentioned about his fans sending him pictures of their ‘mooch’. Isn’t that cool?
Let’s see what Bollywood brings to the world of fashion in 2018 and hope for the best.

Designing to Make a Difference!

Each and every designer in his/her tenure reaches a stage where they have to contemplate how to change the face of fashion with their designs. Every year they are expected to create something new, something awe-inspiring, which will take their career and the fashion industry to new heights. But at what cost? At the cost of a polluted environment for us to live in? At the cost of an ecosystem that is highly unbalanced for us or any other living organism to live in? I think not.!

Pesticides used by farmers to protect textiles while they grow, wastage of water during dying the textile, bleach used on those textiles to achieve a certain finish, exploitation of animals etc, are the factors harming the ecosystem the most! No doubt they look good, but is it the best for the world we live in? Absolutely not.! There is a dire need to start thinking about our surroundings and the kind of impact we are making on it.

Designers have been at it for a very long time. To be honest there are no real “new” designs that we get to see. Sure the fabrics are different, some of them are longer than they should be and some are smaller than they should be. In any case a lot of these “new” designs end up in the gutter as soon as the showcase is over, creating uncalled for wastage of both textile and design.

Designers know firsthand the amount of pollution caused by the textile industry in order to give a finished piece of fabric, yet nobody ever stops to reconsider how it impacts the world we live in. We need to become smart and be completely aware of our situation, which is just taking a turn for the worse. Well thought of and innovative ideas are required to take the fashion fraternity by storm and change the way we design things, here are a few of them:

  • Designing with rags. (Leftovers from previously designed clothes)
  • Eco-friendly textiles.
  • Sustainable fibers – organic cotton and bamboo.
  • Recycled synthetics.
  • Smart Tailoring (DPOL) – Created by Indian designer – Siddhartha Upadhyaya

These are only a handful of new ways designers can look into. Instead of trying to create an all new design or trend, we should now try and look at ways in which we can improve on an already amazing collection of clothes and designs we already have. Waste fabrics left over during designing the next big thing, can be used to create a completely different design – probably something no one has ever seen. Making an effort and ensuring that we do not harm the environment is the only way forward.

The collaboration between an organization devoted to saving the ocean – Parley and a leading footwear brand – Adidas, have given us the ocean plastic waste shoe.. All we need now are more people/firms to design for the future, to concentrate more on the process of making their product and how it affects everything around us. Got more ideas of designing safely for the future? Do let us know!

5 Most Attended fashion events of India

Indian Fashion Industry is at its flourishing stage and has a great potential to mark India at world stage. India has thousands of years of practice behind it. India has rich and varied textile heritage where each region of India has its own native and traditional dresses. When these traditions are brought live on world stage by designers, brings us to greatest of shows organised and attended in history of the nation. Let’s have a look at them.

1. Lakme Fashion Week

Lakme Fashion Week is mutually composed by Lakme, the main cosmetic agents and excellence administrations mark in India and IMG Reliance Ltd., leader in games, design and administration.

Lakme Fashion Week has been conceived and created with a vision to “Redefine the future of fashion and integrate India into the global fashion world.” It is organized in Mumbai twice every year.

Number of established designers every year comes to showcase their artwork and designs. Event showcases the bridal and traditional designs from across the nation – where the teams are created for each designer and co-ordinators are appointed. Students from various colleges take part as co-ordinators and volunteers. They assist the models backstage. The Next-gen designer application can also be submitted if you are an aspiring designer where you get to showcase your designs.

2. Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week

The Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week (WIFW), Asia’s biggest business of fashion event is showcased by the Fashion Design Council of India(FDCI) where the best impulses of the fashion industry offers five enthralling days of inspiration, inventiveness and imagination aligned with prolific business opportunities. This event mainly takes place in Delhi.

Over the years, WIFW has turned the spotlight on fresh talent and encouraged them with the strategic objective of identifying India’s top new and emerging designers. Event showcases ethnic and bridal collection including handcrafted designs.

FDCI also provides young designers membership based on the criterion. Institutional membership into the FDCI is by selection only. Candidates for Membership must be of recognized ability, standing, and integrity, and must be actively engaged in creative fashion design for at least 2 years and marketing/ retailing wearing apparel under their own label. These are the basic minimum requirements to qualify.

3. Indian Beach Fashion Week

India Beach Fashion Week (IBFW) has emerged as a global fashion platform to showcase the latest invention & design for the destination fashion industry. This event is attended by most inspired people across the globe. The 3 day symposium is organized at worlds most loved fashion destination Goa.
The Event features the most recent in swimwear, resort wear and in addition extravagance pet accumulations from originators over the globe, symbolizing the soul of tense and snappy men and ladies.
So if you are planning to exhibit your swimwear and beachwear’s, this is the right destination to showcase your designs.

4. Indian Bridal Fashion Week (IBFW)

India Bridal Fashion Week is held in Mumbai and additionally Delhi and is among the best four fashion shows being held in India. The Bridal Fashion event shows some of the best designs in bridal couture and heritage jewellery mostly made for wedding purposes. Wedding, which has now turned into a way of life proclamation for the well-to-do class, is the necessary piece of the Indian fashion. While the lavish class is prepared to spend a fortune on the wedding trousseau, the designers investigate every possibility in offering them the unrestricted displays.
In form and novice Jewellery Designers and textile designers should definitely register themselves with this event.

5. Rajasthan Fashion Week

This fashion event mainly takes place in Jaipur between the four walls of heritage and tradition. Rajasthan Fashion week is all about Banjara dresses and culture from back end community which is ignored. Designers are bringing out the designs from past centuries which make a spotlight at the event. The models walk with “lehenga choli” and full hand crafted jewellery and bangles.

Designers integrate the heritage style with new modern designs which comes out as a surprise to the students and the live audience. The glamour with these designs seems unpredictable. When visiting this event don’t miss the jewellery and handcrafted material designed by the young designers working under national as well as international designers.

If you are an aspiring designer in any of the departments, these are the best possible events you need to attend this year. Register yourself with each event as soon as possible because you don’t want to miss this opportunity of you showcasing your designs over the international podium. Workshops are also conducted before every event. So hurry up!!

Different Types of Block Printing Every Textile Designer Should Know About

India has a plethora of unique arts and crafts to boast about. One of them is the hand block printing that everyone in the fashion industry swears by for its versatility and elegance. People of varied customs and cultures have been using a number of hand block print techniques across India, leaving a sweet impression on the fashion industry.

If you are a textile designer, or are pursuing a degree to learn everything about textile designing, then you must know about the following types of block printing prevailing in India.

Gujarat: Practiced and perpetuated by the Paithapur families in Gujarat, the Sodagiri prints make use of intricate blocks to print textiles through the mud resist-printing method. The Dhamadka village in Gujarat famously uses the technique known as Ajrakh, which is geometric and uses natural colors made from madder root, rusty iron solution, indigo, etc. Another famous block printing center is the Kutch region of Gujarat is known for its patterns in black and red designs of birds, animals, and dancing girls.

Rajasthan: Important centers in Rajasthan for block printing are Jaipur, Bangru, Sanganer, Pali and Barmer that use colour prints of birds, animals, human figures, gods and goddesses to design the fabrics. Sanganer is famous for its Calico prints wherein the outlines are printed first followed by the colour filling. Doo Rookhi printing is another renowned block printing technique, where the artists print on both sides of the cloth. Bagru, near Jaipur, is known worldwide for its Syahi-Begar prints (combination of black and yellow ochre or cream) and Dabu prints (in which a resist paste hides the portions of the dye, creating a stunning effect on fabrics). Barmer in Rajasthan designs red chilies with blue-black outlines on the fabrics that are surrounded by flower-laden trees.

Apart from these two main states, Punjab is known for its floral and geometrical designs in light and pastel colours. West Bengal’s Serampur is the center of block printing using bold and vibrant patterns. A combination of hand painting and block printing called Kalamkari that comes from Andhra Pradesh is also gaining popularity these days.

About Lakme Fashion Week

If you happen to talk about the changing fashion scene in India, the conversation would certainly be incomplete without mentioning the Lakme Fashion Week. This bi-annual event is more than just an elite fashion show. It has today become the primary platform for new and budding designers to showcase their talent.

Earlier known as the Lakme India Fashion Week, it was conceptualized by the Fashion Design Council of India in the year 1999. Since the first event, the LWF has been widely covered by domestic and international media, thus making it the ideal platform for new designers to make their presence felt. At the same time, the event also gets to see the emerging trend in the fashion arena by the more prominent and established designers of the country. Though the event split between Delhi and Mumbai, under different names, the glamour and sheen of the events stay unaffected.

Over the years, many initiatives were undertaken such as the ‘Gen Next’ and ‘Emerging Designer’ to promote new talent. These initiatives are the perfect launch pad for a new designer. In collaboration with INIFD, a renowned and one of the most reputed designing colleges in India, then Gen Next program kick-starts each year by featuring young and emerging talents from INIFD.

Students from INIFD, each year, have successfully spiked the fashion quotient up a whole notch with their fresh ideas and talent at the LFW. The originality and imagination that runs from their skillful minds to the runways at the LFW defines the Indian fashion industry with a promise of a trendier world.

Got a degree in Interior Design? What’s next?

With easy access to products and information, interior designing is not just interior designing today. Over the years, how we decorate a space has changed completely.

On the path to becoming an interior designer, you are sure to come across many people who stepped out of the norm and chose a field that is a tad bit different from typical interior designing. Let’s explore few such options that you can choose from after you complete your degree.

-Interior and Spatial Designing: Combining architectural knowledge, creative design skills, and project management, this job role involve designing or renovating commercial, leisure, and domestic spaces.

-Visual Merchandiser: This profile is all about developing and delivering eye-catching visual concepts and strategies on displays, that promote retail brands, products, and services in-store, for online portals, stores, and catalogues.

-Furniture/Product Designer: Along with creative designing, one needs marketing, finance, sales and commercial skills, and business awareness to excel in this role. Knowing market demands and then improving the design and usability of an item is one of the main requirements of this profile.

-Exhibition Designer: If you have strong team-work skills, can work in strict deadlines, and enjoy working in collaboration then this profile is for you. You can get to work for commercial & cultural exhibitions, showcase events, conferences, trade shows, etc.

-Production Designer (theatre/film/television): A flair for visual arts can help you succeed in this role. As a Production Designer you can work in theatre, film and television, and will be responsible for designing and styling sets, locations, graphics, props, among others.

-Retail Buyer: Planning and selecting products to sell in retail outlets is one of the job responsibilities for a Retail Buyer. This role also requires commercial awareness and excellent analytical skills.

The list does not end here and there is still lots more to explore. You can also gain some experience and then pursue a masters in your field of interest for a better and rewarding career.

Best Career Options after Scoring a Degree in Fashion Designing

The world of fashion has more career options than what meets the eyes. The industry is beyond the glamour that we associate with, and with the right attitude and the right knowledge, you can build your own name here in no time.
Highly demanding, very creative, and ever-changing, the fashion industry offers a number of options to build your career in. Let’s look at the best career options you have after completing a degree in fashion designing:
-Fashion Designers, people who have a keen eye for detail as they finalise what goes to production, and have an artistic mind to develop new styles for both apparels and accessories based on the market research.
-Fashion Coordinators, people who have all the knowledge of latest fashion trends, and are well-equipped to arrange & supervise fashion clothing for manufacturing houses, textile firms, retail stores, etc. They are also involved in organizing fashion shows, promoting sales, liaisoning with fabric dealers, etc.
-Illustrator, people with outstanding sketching skills who help the designer’s idea take shape on papers. This role needs someone who likes interacting with people and is good with communication.
-Fashion Consultants, people who can offer valuable advice and ideas to develop a product that gets readily absorbed in the market since they are aware of the transitions taking place in the fashion market.
-Cutting Assistants, people who expertise in cutting, marking, and altering patterns according to the designer’s specification.
-Fashion Stylist, people who have the right skill set to coordinate the dress and the accessories with the right makeup and hairstyle that polishes the look for their muse. They are often found working for fashion shows, photo shoots, promotions, and retail outlets.
Find what interests you and grow a strong foot in it to excel in the fashion industry. Every role that you take up here brings with it monumental experience that is a stepping stone towards success!

Instances When Fashion Dominated Sport In India

Indian sportspersons are one of the most followed trendsetters in our country, second only to Bollywood. However, fashion has always taken a backseat to sports, other than the following instances.

Indian Cricket Team Wins Fashion Prize

Players in the current Indian cricket team are part-time fashion trendsetters as well. But this was not the case in the 70s. Instead, players used to wear all-white jerseys. But the situation changed in 1977. ICC (Internation Cricket Council) introduced coloured jerseys in Day-Night matches. During the World Series Cup 1980-81, Indian cricket team wore completely coloured jerseys for the first time. The Jersey donned two colours, the primary colour being blue & secondary being yellow. The team might not have won the series, but it did win the ‘Best Looking Team’ prize.

Indian’s Sportwomens’ Secondary As Fashion Divas

Since the turn of the century, women’s sports has stopped co-existing in the shadows of men’s sport. Both off the field & on it. Sania Mirza’s Vogue cover shoots are considered to be at par with her superior tennis skills. Mithali Raj dons her casual & cosy attires as effortlessly as her batting stance. Saina Nehwal’s little black dresses, open-styled hair & high heels have gained a following of their own.
Thus, these ‘Sports Divas’ have made huge inroads in Sports-Fashion in India, especially for women.

Delhi Designer Teams Up With Formula One

Renowned evening-wear designer Madira Wirk celebrated her love for sports by designing the Grid Girls’ Uniforms at the Airtel Indian Grand Prix, 2013. The major focus was on comfort & glamour. Madira also added her own touch in the form of a peppy trench coat.

Manish Malhotra Designs IPL Jersey

When it was announced back in 2008, IPL was supposed to be about glamour as much as cricket. Keeping this in mind, Kolkata Knight Riders’ owner Shah Rukh Khan roped in Manish Malhotra to design his team’s jersey. The Legendary designer came with up an imposing black & golden uniform. As per Manish, the black colour represented Goddess Kali & Golden symbolises the spirit of life with which one must play the game of Cricket.

We hope fashion & sports team-up more in the future. What are your favourite instances of Fashion in sports?
Comment Below, Let Us Know.

INIFDian’s Designs Showcased In London Fashion Week

INIFDian’s Designs Showcased In London Fashion WeekINIFD Jaipur organized a celebratory event for star-student Daisy Tanwani, who recently became the first Indian designer to reach the finals of ‘Fashion Scout’ held during ‘London Fashion Week’,

INIFDian’s Designs Showcased In London Fashion WeekThe event was also attended by Mrs. Kamla Poddar, the visionary leader behind Kamla Poddar Group, the parent organization behind INIFD Jaipur.

INIFDian’s Designs Showcased In London Fashion Week Mrs. Poddar congratulated Daisy and said that her achievement was no less than a women athlete winning a medal in the Olympics.

Daisy told the media that this was just a baby-step towards fulfilling her ambitions. She also thanked Mrs. Kamla Poddar for her unrelenting support.

Daisy’s wanted to be modern yet traditional at the same time, so she showcased a mesmerising fusion of Rajasthani & European-themed gowns.

A beautiful Victorian-themed fashion show was also organised by the students of INIFD Jaipur.

We congratulate Daisy on her monumental achievement and are proud of her for being a marvellous student.

What do you think about Daisy’s designs? Comment below, let us know!

A Visit By INIFD CEO Mr. Anil Khosla

A Visit By INIFD CEO Mr. Anil KhoslaWe welcomed Mr. Anil Khosla, the visionary CEO of INIFD, to our Jaipur campus recently. The objective behind his visit was multi-pronged. Firstly, to launch our new prospectus titled ‘Level Next for Gen next’. Secondly, to make the announcement that 10 INIFDians will get an opportunity to showcase their designs in ‘London Fashion Week 2017’, being organised in September.

A Visit By INIFD CEO Mr. Anil Khosla

Inspired by the rapid & global growth of INIFD, the students dressed up in designs based on cultures of the 11 countries in which INIFD has reached.

Mr. Khosla also took the time to hold a Q&A session with the eager students. He imparted knowledge upon how a designer can have an international reach through the platform which INIFD provides.

A Visit By INIFD CEO Mr. Anil KhoslaApart from London, Chicago, Indonesia, INIFD has established branches in 8 more countries, taken its place among the fastest growing design institutions of the world. Thus making every INIFDian’s chest swell up with pride.

Have any queries? What did you think about the article? Comment below, let us know!