Fashion Hacks for Night Parties this Coming Fall

Winters are coming, no scratch that, they are already here and with winters the time of parties is coming near too. With the festive season around the corner, you are surely going to get a lot of party invitations. Now, we girls need to look hot, chick, and comfortable, but in winters it is equally important to feel hot and not just look hot.
From Christmas dinners or parties to casual night outs, or weddings and New Year, a lot of parties are coming your way. Thus, you need to know fashion hacks that make you shine, and get ready within minutes and keep you warm, and not make you seem out of place. That is why in this article, we will focus on fashion hacks that will help you shine in the winters without compromising on your style or comfort level.
Let’s take a peek at these fashion hacks:


Have plans to party the whole night on New Year’s Eve? Great, but you need to protect your legs without wearing denims to cover them up. Boots are a great option if you want to go out and party in a skirt or dress; they look great and also cover your legs up. Pair them up with a long coat, and you will be set to rock the stage.

Capes are back ladies! So, mix your modern style with this classic to look chick and comfortable. They look great with dresses or skirts and are a great add on for a casual and glam party.


Jackets and specifically leather jackets never go out of style. They make you look amazing and go with literally every piece of cloth. Have a night party coming up? Pair your favorite leather jacket with a dress, or denim or a trouser or even with that knee-length skirt or dress. It goes with long dresses too. Wearing a jacket is one of the best hacks as it keeps you warm and also makes you look trendy and cool.


If you are someone who gets cold easily and likes to wear a sweater underneath your dress, shrugs can help you. Go for a subtle but sparkly shrug that will cover you up. A shrug is a great piece of cloth that you can wear with jeans and tops or dresses or even skirts. Just pair them nicely, and you will look catchy, trendy, and all those layers will keep you safe too.

Skirts are a great party option but don’t worry you won’t feel cold wearing them in December because of this little hack. Wear innerwear that keeps you warm. Also, pair them with boots, overcoats, or gloves and shrugs. Layer it up so that you look amazing, and feel hot. Long straight skirts too are a great option for you.
These are some of the best hacks that you should try this winter season to rock at a night party, without compromising on your health.

Tips on styling your leather jacket

Since fall is around the corner, we believe it would be fitting to talk to you about how to style your leather jacket. A leather jacket is a must piece of cloth that every woman should have in their wardrobe. If you don’t have one, your closet will never feel complete. A leather jacket is something that goes with all attires and makes you look simply amazing.
It works in all seasons and makes you look fabulous without putting in much effort. In this blog, we will discuss some tips on how to style your leather jacket.
So, let’s begin..

1.Use a leather jacket to enhance your leisure wear

Sometimes to suit the level of comfort, we prefer wearing joggers or track pants to the nearest coffee shop or to drop off some mail. But often you cross paths with people that you know, and that is when you cringe thinking about your low-key attire. For this type of lazy mornings, all you need to do is just mix and match. Wear your favorite sneakers, throw up a leather jacket on your track pants and you are good to go.

2.Use the leather jacket for a comfy casual but chic look

Don’t discard your leather jacket when it comes to your office wear. They look great when you pair them with classy-fitting trousers and a comfortable t-shirt. Pair them with pumps or heels, and you are ready to go to your office looking chic and casual at the same time.

3.Jacket and a scarf

Wear your leather jacket with a cool scarf to look amazing while keeping yourself warm in the winter season. You can rock the winter look while not stepping out of your comfort zone.

4.Pair your leather jacket with your little dress

Another way to wear that leather jacket is by pairing it with your little dress. If you are wearing a lacy dress, choose a leather jacket with metal hardware. Complete the look with a pair of boots for winters or heels for summer; you can even throw in a scarf if you want.

5.An all-black plain ensemble

Want to look classy but not at the cost of your comfort for your next ride? Then try an all-black ensemble. Wear your favorite and comfortable pair of leggings with a black tee and throw your black leather jacket on top of it.
6.Leather jacket for your printed dress

Not sure how to wear your printed dress or attire in the fall season? Well, if you have a leather jacket, you are sorted. Any type of printed attire looks fabulous with a black leather jacket.

7.Shorts with leather

You can pair your favorite denim shorts with a comfortable tee and a leather jacket to look uber cool and stylish. Also, complete the look with a pair of boots or sneakers according to your taste and the place you live.
A leather jacket is a staple in most women’s closet and is a perfect cloth that goes with every piece of attire. Try these tips and make the most out of your leather jacket.

7 ways to style your black outfit like a pro

What is one color that everyone loves and is the first thing we pick when we are in doubt? Black, right! Black is a forever favorite color that makes everyone look sexy, confident and amazing. Black has always been a great color, but currently, it is getting even more popularity due to the amazing Kendal Jenner who styles it so unique that everyone wants to know her secret.
Black is a universal color that suits every skin tone and ethnicity. It is just awesome, and you need to have lots of blacks in your wardrobe. From tops to tube tops to a little black dress, make sure you have one piece of black in every outfit.
Owning black clothes is not enough; you need to know how to style them to complete the look and look even better. Here are some tips that will help you style your black outfits like a pro.

A matching black top with black velvet trousers/pants

A complete black look is something you should certainly try. Try a black velvet plant or a trouser with a dangling belt and pair it with an amazing black crop top, tube top, or deep neck top. You can complete the look with minimal makeup, red or nude lipstick, minimal accessories, and black heels.

A Casual Black Look

Looking black is something you should try. Try a black velvet pant or a trouser with a dangling belt and pair it with an amazing black crop top, tube top, or deep neck top. You can complete the look with minimal makeup, red or nude lipstick, minimal accessories, and black heels.
A comfortable, casual, and chic look

Turtleneck with black skinny jeans

Another way to wear all black is by pairing your black skinny jeans with a black turtleneck. You can opt for a complete black turtleneck or one with some design or fur. Also, you can add a pair of black heels to go for a completely black look.

All black gym wear

Want to look uber chick and cool while going to the gym? Why not try a black sweatshirt with black trousers? It will look ravishing, and of course, complete the look with your favorite pair of sneakers.

Black shots or skirts

Opt for a black skirt or shorts instead. Pair it with a cool blacktop or a white t-shirt. You can wear any neutral pair of shoes with it. Also, going somewhere fancy, add a little neckpiece or earrings to the look, and you are good to go.

Black jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are awesome, and if they are in black, they look cooler. Pair them with minimal accessories like a long subtle pendant and a simple but messy hairdo.

Little black dress with an overcoat

Want to wear your little black dress in winters, then opt for a black overcoat with it. It will look ravishing, and you can complete the look with a white sneakers or with a pair of boots.
It’s time to make black even more stylish! And with these tips, you can accomplish this task with ease

Leave a Mark Wherever you Go with these Statement Dresses

Girls have been crazy about the way they carry themselves for centuries now. Well, why wouldn’t they be, as Rachel Zoe says “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak,” your appearance speaks volumes about you. Thus, with the right outfit you can conquer the world. But often the whole picking the right dress thing becomes a tedious task that you are left puzzled, and that is why we are here. We have come up with 6 Must-Have Dresses that will just add a feather to your cap of mesmerising looks. Read on:

A Little Black Dress

Just the way Karl Lagerfeld puts it, “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” A little black dress is perfect for any occasion. Be it a date night you wish to attend, to work, or even to a night wedding. Black reckoned as Classic and Timeless will work to sparkle up your beauty, and they come with a wide range of styles to compliment your body & curves.


A woman’s curves are counted to be one of the most important assets she has and thus, she has all the rights to flaunt them. Sheath dresses are best known for fitting your body type and highlight your curves in the most sophisticated and complimenting manner. They are perfect for business events, formal meetings or any other occasion, Sheath Dresses are a thumbs-up, ALWAYS!


With summers come a lot of restrictions about what to wear. You need to look trendy whilst keeping your comfort in mind. And this is where Florals come in handy. They never go out of trend, are super comfortable, and those cute, little floral prints are quite soothing to eyes. They can be picked for attending day or night events, parties or just a catch-up lunch.

Floor-down Evening Gown

Often regarded as Fairytale dresses floor-length evening gowns have always been in the fashion and doesn’t look to wind up their rule anytime soon. They were at the Throne and are expected to be there for a long time. Be it a mermaid dress that highlights your curves and have a magical entrance at a party or be it the empire waist dress that makes your legs look longer, floor-down evening gowns are perfect for making a statement entry to an evening event.

A Maxi Dress

Often there comes a time when your only priority is your comfort. But you don’t want to risk with your trendsetter image by wearing something quite old-fashioned. In such situation a cosy Maxi dress shall come to your rescue. You pull them off with a jacket, a scarf or just plain, and you are ready for a day all to your comfort. Enjoy them at shopping, brunches, etc.

An A-Line Dress

An A-line dress can be simply defined as a piece of clothing that is somewhat narrower above the waistline and then flares towards the hemline giving it sort of fit-and-flare look. If you do not feel comfortable wearing fitted bottoms due to a larger lower body, then, these dresses are exclusively created for you. They can be worn to almost any occasion and helps to pull-off an amazing body image.
These were some of the dresses that we believe every girl should have in her wardrobe because they meet the demands of almost every event. Plus, they give you the confidence required to be yourself and stand high against the challenges.

Making a Career in Fashion? These are the 5 Essential Skills for Fashion Internship

With the Bollywood fever getting over the heads of the audience, millennials are enthusiastically pursuing Fashion as a career. Experimenting with colors, cloth pieces, and designs, they try innovating new styles, looks, and clothes that will just catch everyone by their eye-balls.

Well, the ever-increasing craze for pursuing Fashion as a career and the never-ending demand of experience often plays a huge gap between accomplishing passion as profession for the aspirants. Thus, internship comes to their rescue. But, often the internship in the name of exposure comes as a burden if not held right. So, here we are we the 5 must-have skills to make journey go from ‘Nah’ to ‘Yay’ in moments.

Highly Creative and Artistic Mind

The first skill required to work in the fashion industry, be it for any full time or part-time role, is housing a highly creative and artistic mind. People in the fashion industry are tempted by the new’s of the market, and thus, no one might be willing to buy a mind with monotonous designs. People are looking for something afresh every other minute, and so, exclusivity matters which comes from the mind that is highly creative.

Working Toward Details

The other important skill required for becoming a part of the fashion industry the capability of working toward the details of something. Be it the design, the pattern or the fitting of the garment you are working on; everything needs to be pitch-perfect, otherwise embellishing a mark for yourself in the workplace is as difficult as writing with water.

Knowledge of the Current Trends

Knowledge plays a major role in almost every sector, and fashion is none exception. People working in the industry must have knowledge of what is on the trending list of people as that is how they will get into their minds and hearts. After all, whatever that will be visible to the customers will be available for sale, rest is all a waste.

Sales and Customer Service

Techniques teach you how to grow big and bigger in the market. And in a customer-centric business, it is important that you treat your customers just the right way buy serving what they are looking for. Even better if you make them like whatever you are serving. Hence, sales and customer service play a crucial role in this business that is run by the customers and for the customers.

Drawing and Visualization

The last on the list but definitely not the least, a fashion industry intern must know how to visualize and draw. The journey from sketching down an idea on a paper to designing it as a design in the real-life is quite tedious. Thus, one needs to be exceptionally well when it comes to drawing and visualization for working in the fashion industry.

10 Ways to Prepare for a Career in Fashion

The star factor, the glitzy career and the shine of the fashion industry are persuading a lot of people to seek the after fashion as a career. Well, being one of the highly-paid career choices, the profession requires a lot of investment, all in terms of time, creativity and hard work. But to pursue fashion as your career you need to be equally determined as to become a doctor or an engineer.

Pursuing your passion as your profession requires setting up a lot of things right. Thus, for a seamless career choice, here’re some of the best tips to prepare for a career in fashion.

Question Yourself

The first thing to do is to question yourself about which college do you want to join, which course you want to pursue as your major and other similar stuff. This will help you in developing a better understanding of your priorities.

Set your Priorities Right

The next thing to focus on is setting your priorities right. Once you are through with picking up course and college it’s time to build your career path. Decide how much time you want to spend, where do you want intern after your college, etc.

Understand the Industry and Technique

For becoming a part of the industry, you need to understand the industry and the techniques that make it functional. You should know how the industry works and master the techniques to make yourself so that you get aw better understanding of things and are able to pursue them smoothly.

Look for Internships

Hand-on experience serves the best in helping you get accustomed to the working, environment, and requirements of the industry. Also, internships help you gain expertise over your skills that shall help you in building a bright future as a professional.

Stay Up-to-date with Latest Trends

The fashion industry is driven by trends. Everyday there’s something or the other launched in the industry that just creates a new buzz in the market. Staying up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and techniques is one of the most important tips.

Learn the Art of Customer Service

The industry is completely customer driven; thus, mastering the art of influencing and selling is one of the other important things that you should know the best. Learn the art of customer service, approaching customers, and growing your business.

Research is the Key

Research plays a crucial role in almost every industry. Fashion is no exception; you need to know what your customers want, how is the industry moving forward, and what are the best things to pull-off with minimum investments.

Focus Toward Details

Detailing is something that speaks upfront to the potential buyers. So, to establish yourself as an exclusive part of the industry started focusing on the minute details, spend your time enhancing the least noticeable details too.

Online Presence is a Must

You can sell your business only if you can sell yourself. Thus, being connected to popular influencers, potential associates and workers is a must for you to accomplish your career in the fashion industry.

Be Up for Anything and Everything

Accepting challenges is another must-have that you should work toward accomplishing. Fashion industry demands long-working hours, creative minds, and exclusivity, so being up for anything and everything at any hour of the day is needed.


Which is Better – Diploma or Degree in Fashion Designing?

Fashion designing is emerging as a rewarding career option. If you are looking for a career in fashion designing, a course in fashion designing may just provide you the ideal launchpad to grab your dream job. To survive in the industry, you need to keep up with the changing trends and also be a trendsetter with your designs, which requires skills and experience. Whether you should pursue a degree or a diploma depends on various factors, keeping in mind your area of interest and goals, the colleges offering the courses and the future career prospects.

The three year full-time B.Des fashion designing course has subjects on different forms of attires and textiles, design inspiration, evolution, stitching, design process, draping, garment construction and an internship, where you get hands-on experience in designing clothes in different semesters. Diploma will offer you a limited exposure to fashion designing during the shorter tenure of the course.

A degree in designing will expose you to an internship as a part of the curriculum, which will offer you an opportunity to work in the industry and acquire the much-needed skills along with getting to know people in the industry. While the industrial experience is an unparalleled asset, you may also get a certificate to complement your skills at the end of the internship. It is likely that you may get absorbed by the company offering you internship if they like your skills.

While a diploma may offer you a sneak-peak into the fashion designing course, the limited skills may yield you a job but you will have you heavily rely on your creativity and innovation for the growth of your career. Besides, many companies in the industry have a prerequisite of hiring fashion designers holding a degree in the course, which is where a degree-holder will get an edge over a diploma-holder.

Fashion designing is a skill-based career and depends on how well you have prepared your portfolio, but you need to acquire skills to prepare an impressive portfolio to enchant the clients. While a degree offers you an in-depth study of fashion designing, a diploma may help you with the crucial skills required to identify yourself as a fashion designer.

To sum it up, a diploma may get you a job but it will be your skills which will help you sustain in the market. On the contrary, you must choose a course keeping in mind the duration you can invest for the course as the degree will require you to invest more time whereas the diploma is a quicker accomplishment. The skills you acquire, during you degree or diploma in fashion designing, will take you a long way.


How to Prepare for NIFT Entrance Exam

So, you’ve decided that fashion is your forte and you want to make a career out of your knack for colours, fabric, and style. The National Institute of Fashion is the best place to hone your skills and make a career in this competitive industry. However, securing a seat there is no child’s play, and you have to write a national exam to crack the entrance. Here are some tips to help you prepare for the same:

1. Practice sketching – the exam is focused on exploring the imaginative and creative skills of the candidate. The more you sketch, the more you will learn. Challenge yourself as you learn about new techniques. Consult online resources and master this skill.

2. Solve previous years’ papers – you can familiarise yourself with the pattern of the exam and that kind of questions that are asked by solving previous years’ papers. You can also practise with a stopwatch and see how long it takes you to get through the paper. This will help you manage your time in the exam hall effectively.

3. Increase reading and sketching speed – the quicker you can read and sketch, the more time you will have to focus on other parts of the paper. Creativity is useless if you are not able to render it on paper within the specified time limit.

4. Increase your general knowledge – as you are well aware, the paper consists of a section on general knowledge. The examination will test you on your knowledge of current affairs, including news related to fashion. Read newspaper daily, remain up to date on world and fashion news, and make use of news apps to keep yourself informed.

5. Gather good study material – find books and guides that explain concepts easily and thoroughly. Also keep in mind that you only consult authentic study material. A lot of books tend to have irrelevant topics that make the students lose faith in themselves because of their increased difficulty. Research thoroughly about the topics and consult books that come recommended by your teachers.

6. Improve English comprehension and communication – the General Aptitude Test accounts for 100 percent weightage in the exam and an important aspect of it is to test the candidates’ understanding of the language. Make sure you read books and newspapers so that you can answer questions related to synonyms and antonyms, corresponding meanings, idioms, phrases, and identify correct spellings. It is also important to practice comprehension of the language by practising reading passages and answering questions about them.

7. Case Study – this portion of the exam will test your ability to respond to a certain situation. You will have to devise an appropriate response to a given context and you will be judged on your ability to understand the problem effectively and create a tailor-made solution. You can practise this part of the exam using previous years’ papers in order to hone your decision-making skills and make snap judgements.

8. Mathematics – skills are developed, but maths needs to be practised. In order to improve your rank, practise your high school maths syllabus as much as you can. Don’t just stick to rote-learning formulae, you should also practice using them in numerical questions.

In the end, it all comes down to your dedication and hard work. The exam tests your ability to cope with unknown situations as much as it does your knowledge and artistic imagination. Don’t lose hope even if you are not a natural artist, you can learn almost anything if you devote time and patience.

How to Learn Fashion Design at Home?

For many of us becoming a fashion designer remains a dream unfulfilled. To attend a full time formal education to be part of the industry may sometimes seem impossible because of various situations. But did you know, that this is a big myth and that you can learn fashion design at home?

So let’s see how you can start your learning to be the next big name in the industry:

Enroll for Courses

Try enrolling yourself in online fashion designing courses. There are many courses that will allow you to study all about the fashion industry sitting from your home. In case investing in a long term online course is not possible, you can also look into some short term fashion designing courses. Ideally look for courses that offer you certification and are accredited. This will help establish your credibility on your resume and during job interviews.

Work on your Sketching Skills

Sketching is an integral part when it comes to learning about the fashion industry. Treat it as one of your foundation building courses to excel in the industry. There are many online courses and even video tutorials that will help you hone your sketching skills.

Read! Read! Read!

This one is an obvious, but an important point. To excel in any field you need to read and stay abreast about the latest in the industry. This is especially relevant in the fashion industry that is constantly changing and each day there is something new that is coming up. Read books by famous fashion designers, fashionistas, fashion design course books, subscribe to fashion magazines and follow fashion topics online.

Create your Lookbooks

Lookbooks are a great way to explore your creativity in the fashion industry. You can take cut-outs and print outs, and stick them in your book according to the latest trend. Or, if you feel more confident you can start sketching your own designs and start keeping a record. This will not only enhance your knowledge and keep you updated with the latest trends but also help you further hone your creative skills.


Networking is an important source of information irrespective of what industry you are a part of. You must get in touch with others like you or even actual college going students. Watch out for seminars, workshops or online courses that will not only help you gain knowledge but also help you meet more people. Fashion industry is constantly evolving and is all about imagination and creativity. Thus, the more people you meet and interact with, the broader your perspective will be.

There is nothing impossible today. If you have the will and the grit, you can fulfil your dream of becoming a fashion designer.

From an Imperfect Prototype to a Perfect Garment – The Importance of Sketches in Fashion Designing

There’s always a possibility to transform a sketch into an impressive article or even a masterpiece. But even if you’re not aiming that high, sketching has an important role to play in the process of designing any garment nonetheless. From making room for creativity to being an excellent means to convey an idea, a sketch supplements and smoothens the process in multiple ways. Follow the text below to learn about the importance of sketches in fashion designing!

Evaluation of Feasibility

The foremost role of a sketch is to let a designer know about the feasibility of a design and to give a basic idea of how the finished garment will look. In other words, when an idea is given a sketch form, the design concept can be understood in a practical way, and the designer can think of the best approach to go about it.

Communication through Illustration

A sketch is the most effective way to illustrate your creativity to a client or audiences so that they can share their feedback or suggestions even before the article is prepared. Those suggestions can be incorporated in the final design before the garment is stitched. Besides, you can always show a sketch around and ask for reviews from your colleagues or associates to give the design a perfection. 

Creates Flexibility

When you attempt to make a sketch out of your idea, your creativity tends to climb notches up, which helps you make enhancements to your design more effectively. Sketching enables you to club elements from different designs into one prototype and lets you make reversible additions and subtractions to it. For instance, in a sketch you can reposition a pattern on the surface and ascertain the most ideal way for its placement.

Saves Efforts and Time

Naturally, making alterations to a sketch is far more convenient and swifter than making alterations to a finished garment. That way, sketching before stitching, in addition to saving time and efforts, gives you an opportunity to have a finalized design before you give it a concrete shape in the form of a garment.


Just like you cannot create a great movie without writing a script, you cannot make a wonderful garment without making a sketch!