4 Tips For Hosting Successful Dining

Summers are beautiful, the sun is shining, the weather is pleasantly warm, lush green surroundings and a peaceful vibe that feels purely eternal. When the weather is so idyllic, there is no better place to soak in it than the outside.

The summer is almost here and it’s the perfect time to host friends for an ole style alfresco party. So dust off the patio, get the wine ready, and turn on the grill, we have people coming over!

But hold on, is that all you need to welcome your friends for a meal, probably not. So here are a few tips that can help you get the place ready and nail the outside dining retreat this summer. Let’s take a look

Get The Right Furniture And Enough Shed

The type of outdoor seating furniture you choose matters, especially when you are having people over. Because it’s an outdoor arrangement the furniture should be waterproof but at the same time it should be comfortable and spacious so people can relax and chat when they are not eating. The tables and chairs or the patio you put out must have the same aesthetic tone as the environment around so it can blend in and bring a soothing feel. Also, some form of awning or shed protection is advisable. It could be windy or rainy outside, you don’t want that to ruin your party.

Decorative Lighting

Lighting is often the last resort when nothing seems to be working as far as decor goes. You can even say lighting is the ultimate drama piece for outdoors dining. But it’s an essential element when you’re looking to create a peaceful ambiance. So if you can throw some lights especially over the seating area, go ahead. It would literally and figuratively light up the mood of your guests.

Make The Most Of Your Space

Not everybody is blessed with large open balconies or a terrace, so you got to make the most of every inch you have. However, if you have a big space try breaking it into smaller areas for different stuff like for drinking, dining, relaxing, etc. In case you don’t have much space just make sure you don’t encroach it entirely with all the dining paraphernalia. Keep basic furniture and of course few greens because they don’t take any space and nothing looks more inviting than lush foliage and beautiful runners.

Prepare A Special Menu

Well, it’s about eating after all and more than anything, good food is what your guests are going to remember. So make sure you have it all figured out a day before you are hosting. Asking everyone what they would like to have is one way to go. It would make them feel more welcome and you won’t have to think much bout what you should be cooking.

Hope you follow these tips next time you have your friends and family over for an alfresco evening or a brunch.

Pampas Grass Decor Ideas

Decorating with natural elements has always been on the top of list for all interior experts. Fresh flowers, air-purifying plants and now Pampas grass. Yes, you heard it right Pampas Grass or Cortaderia Selloana is the new drama piece!

With minimalistic trends finding their way into interior décor, these wavy brown-toned stalks go extremely well with the white walls and simplistic furniture settings.

There was a time when dry flowers were the in thing. All households were filled with different shades of brown being used to elevate the table settings, the side boards and every other surface that needed decorating.

Pampas grass is built around the same shades but in a more minimalistic manner. These feathery stalks that can be golden or rust-colored add a dash of drama when paired with any other flowers.

This undying plant complements the neutral color trend perfectly. Contemporary yet artistic they add a subtle creative touch.

Set against dark walls and with neutral colored vases this suddenly lifts up a corner making it the center of attraction of the room. The feathery plumes also give a feeling of relaxed and soothing décor which is the underlying theme for most homes nowadays.

Available in every season you cannot run out of ideas to decorate with this neutral-toned plant. Here are a few

  • Want an autumnal vibe , pair it with a white vase and some vintage accents.
  • Aiming at a more sophisticated setting? Up the glamour factor with velvet furnishings and a stunning vase with a few feathery stalks of Pampas as the focus.
  • Want to draw attention to that dramatic black wall, it’s the perfect backdrop for these luscious brown stalks.
  • If you are not into the minimalistic culture and love your pillows and throws Pampas Grass is the right décor element for you too. A pastel shaded wall transparent vases and other dried flowers to add into the look will make the set up modern yet cozy.
  • With focus now on stress-free lives, many people are converting their bedrooms into meditative retreats so as to give them a feeling of peace at home. After removing all the clutter and keeping only the essentials in the room plants are the best way to create a peaceful atmosphere in the room. The brown and feathery stalks of Pampas give a calming and soothing feeling set in neutral-colored vases on the floor.
  • Not only in vases but a lot of décor enthusiasts made creative wreaths last Christmas with this grass!

These smooth waving stalks of Pampas are so soothing to look at that all households are slowly adopting them in their décor. Who would have thought we could do so much with some humble grass.

7 Creative Ideas To Style The Radiators

The radiator might be an essential part of the house still you don’t want it to be staring at you like an ugly art piece that you can’t get rid of. Whether your style of décor is minimalistic or traditional here are some ways to cover the radiator and make it a part of your décor.

Make a cover

The easiest way to hide your radiator is to make a cover for it that matches the overall theme of the room. The upper space can be used to put some decorations and accents in the room. Why not make a reading corner? Let the cover become a backrest, place some mattress and some cushions in front and make a cozy corner. The top can hold a book stand too!

Place your furniture strategically

Sometimes all it requires is placing the furniture in such a manner that the radiator does not look out of place or gets completely covered by the furniture in front of it. Depending upon the size you could hide it behind the big sofa or a reading chair and paint it the same color as the wall. Don’t want it to blend in with the wall, you can use the same color as the furniture around it.

Make it a part of your design

While designing the house you could make the radiator a part of the furniture. The radiator grills could add in the contemporary touch to your furniture. You could build a counter around it or a simple side accent table.

Let the plants cover it

All houses have started incorporating some indoor plants in their living rooms and also in the bedrooms. The plant pots and vases conveniently hide the radiator behind them without having to put in much effort.

Make it an art stand

Take that beautiful but very heavy painting that you just can’t get to hang on the wall and let it rest against the radiator. Also when you want to turn the radiator up in winters you can just move the painting conveniently to the side.

Decorate the wall above

Color the radiator the same color as the walls. This draws the attention away from it. Put some contemporary wall art above it so that the radiator is not the focus.

Build some shelves

Use the extra space by building a table top and shelves above the radiator. In small houses, it’s a great way of utilizing space without adding in too much stand-alone furniture.

Whatever is your style of decorating, the radiator can be camouflaged without compromising the underlying theme of the house.

A Quick Guide To Choosing Just The Right Paint Finish

So this is what most people say when asked what interiors they want for their home, “just keep it simple”. Believe us, home decor especially the paint, is as far from being simple as you can possibly imagine.

When setting up a room, the hardest part is to choose what color should be the walls. And even when you have riffled through tons of catalogs, you just can’t make up your mind about what exactly you want. It’s like drowning into a whirlpool of options.

But wait, choosing what color you want isn’t the only challenge because even if you have finalized the theme of your interiors, it’s important to choose the finish. The same color can have a totally different look and feel based on the kind of finish it has.

This additional layer of variety means all the more options! But don’t worry coz we bring you a simple guide to choosing just the right paint finish for your home. Let’s have a look


Satin certainly gives your walls a sophisticated character with a fine gloss and just the right tinge of shine. It’s neither too shiny nor too dusky, just about right in the middle of the color spectrum. It’s perfect for rooms that don’t get much natural light like bathrooms, attics, etc.


With probably the highest color tone than any other finish in the list, it can very easily be considered the concealing option. Much like satin this too very pleasantly soaks up the light, creates a perfect environment, and can also hide bumps and cracks in the wall.

The Glossy Finish

Now here are two varieties of gloss you can choose from. First are the highly glossed walls that are super shiny, highly designable, and go perfect for making a strong statement. The second one is semi-gloss which is relatively less shiny but quite radiant and is suitable for rooms that you spend most of your time at like the living area or the kitchen.


It’s right in between the satin and the matte finish. In fact, it very truthfully resembles the eggshell, and thus the name. It has a very velvety texture with a fine shimmer when hit by light. Perfect for everyday areas like the bedroom and the porch.


If you’re looking for a poised, almost non-reflective, and a rich look, then the matte finish is what you should choose. It’s highly durable and would save you money as well. So going for this soft and dampen matte look may not a bad idea after all.

We hope these options help you decide what finish you want for your home.

How to Pick the Perfect Grout Color for your Tiles?

Interiors can be a tricky part when you plan on to building the house of your dreams and hiring interior designers can be a costly affair. Thus, a lot of people are seen struggling with the desire of having the perfect looking interior and the cost-saving factor. Therefore, we are once again up with the perfect solution to the problem for such people.

The interior of a building highly depends on how the walls are designed or how the tiles are placed. Now, picking the right colors of tile is itself a tedious task, and then the hassle of finding the right grout color for your tiles just adds up to the trouble. But what if we tell you that now the task can be done in a split-second? Sounds, unrealistic, right? Well, now no more. Read on our personalized guide on how to pick the perfect grout color for your tiles, and get going.

The Same Color Symmetry

The primary choice available at your hands picking color-coordinated tiles and grout color. You can choose a similar grout color as for your tile, it will give a soft and smooth look to your interiors. For example, try pairing white colored tiles with white grout or black tiles with black. It’ll look subtle and classy, taking your design game a notch up.

Color Contrast Game

The other option that can get your interiors rocking is trying to put the tiles and grout color in contrasting colors. Try pairing dark and light shades altogether in different combinations to experiment with the looking of your place. Pairing light-colored tiles with a darker grout color offer a smooth look while putting things the other way round will give your place a bold and a loud look. It’s up to you to decide how should your designing speak for you.

Nail the Neutrals

If you don’t find any of the above mentioned two-options to be your taste then, we might have something else too for you. Try opting for a grout color that is a shade or a few shades lighter than your tiles’ color. This way, you will be able to establish a neutral balance between the two. Also, by doing so, you will not be having either a dull or a very loud look.

Consider the Shape and Size of the Grout

Other important factors while selecting your tiles and a grout color for them is the shape and size of the grout. The shape and size of the grout play a vital role in the appearance as they can make the grout look amazingly visible or just make it disappear, vanishing all the important details of the color picking and pairing.
These were some of the important tips that you should keep in mind while you are about to decide the grout color for your tiles. Try these out and do let us know which one is your kind.

The Dominance of Decorative Glass in the Design World

For people nowadays, maintaining a highly decorative house is a way of reflecting their inner personality. Going too hard on the saying, “Your House Speaks a lot about your Personality,” people are busy finding the right decorative solutions for their house. Some even prefer hiring expert interior designers just for the sake of finding the perfect design solutions for themselves.

From highly expensive decorative statutes to costly paintings, amazing chandeliers and color-coordinated rooms, these are some of the options people are picking up. But what they are yet to know about is the dominance of decorative glasses int eh design world.

Decorative glasses not only help you fulfill the requirements of your house but also, they level up the decoration quotient of your place. Here are some of the reasons why and what decorative glasses are ruling the market at present.

Types of Decorative Glasses

  • Frosted Glass
  • Laser-Etched Glass
  • Patterned glass
  • Silvered Glass
  • Stained Glass
  • Painted/backpainted glass
  • Fritted Glass
  • Digital Art Glass
  • Fused Glass
  • Laminated Decorative Glass

Why do you Need to Have Decorative Glasses?


While these decorative glasses give a lavish look to both your indoors as well as outdoors, they keep your privacy intact. With lower transparency due to the designs and nature of these glasses, they tend to have a less see-through visibility which makes sure that your privacy is undisturbed. Therefore, they are perfect for both having some private moments away from the eyes of people and keeping decoration game strong.

Provide a Warm Welcome

Coming in different designs, sizes and variants, these decorative glasses play a vital role in in providing a warm and pleasant welcome to your guests. Various designs paired with different frames and colors give a mesmerizing look to your doors and windows.

Serve the Purpose

Despite being on the trendier and designer side, they haven’t compromised with serving the purpose they were built for. They give an easy to use feasibility to the owners while keeping the decoration intact. So, now you know that you are not decorating your house at the cost of the access to using things.

Decorative glasses have been making a buzz in the designing world due to their trendy looks and mesmerizing looks. They have been ruling the market with utmost dominance, and people are going crazy over their usage and style. If you are also looking to find the right welcome or decorative for your house, then, decorative glasses are the right choice. Start planning today and let us know how did you find the suggestion.

Redefine your Workspace in a Mesmerizing Manner

The environment you work in acts very much as a motivator for you. Loud, tacky and speaking workplaces often have employees with high-energy levels while shady environments work to lower employees’ energy levels. Also, the way you design your office speaks a lot about your taste and investment capabilities. Thus, to bag good deals from your partners, it is important that you design your office right. Here, we have brought you some amazing design ideas to help you give an amazing look to your office.

Theme-based Decorations

It is very obvious that each organization works in a different sector of the industry and theme-based decorations. You can decorate your office with pictures of famous people related to your area of business expertise, use props that signify the market you work in, and something similar.

Go Green!

Plants are a crucial part of our lives, then why not make them an important part of our office decorations too? Indoor plants, small potted plants, artificial green grass are all the new trends to give your office a greener look. You can decorate your desks, the terrace, office lobbies with different types of plants available in different shapes and sizes.

Recreation Areas

A 9-5 job does not always mean sitting at your desk and coding all day long or say putting all your energy doing official tasks only. The hectic working schedule of people nowadays in the biggest reason behind the declining human health. Thus, offer a recreation area to your employees. This will not only make your office look great to the visitors but will also help you count as a Good Boss amongst your employees, a boss who takes care of its employees’ needs.

Tackle the Cords Right

Everything in this present world runs on technology, and that is how computers, TVs, laptops, printer, projectors, etc., have been becoming a much-needed aspect of our professional lives. But the tangled cords lying here and there in the entire office makes your office decoration game go weak. Thus, it is time to untangle and wrangle all those cords. Try designing sockets in a way that those cords are not physically visible. It’s time to run those cords along the backside of the desk using clips and clips.

Let Your Wall Talk For You

An office is a combination of four walls, and you can use all the walls in your office to take your decoration game a notch up. Many people get skeptical making it big with artistic walls, so if you are one of those people you can opt for the other way. Rather than putting up multiple small piece and prints on the walls, you can try going for a big statement piece. Else, let your inner artist take charge and paint the walls bright and about right.

These were some of the suggestions that we would like to extend. It’s now time to pick things up and get into the designing game. Do let us know which idea caught your attention the most.

How to transform the Space Under your Stairs in Storage Units?

Space has become a constraint in our day-to-day life, and thus, the rebels are looking for DIYs that shall help them utilize even the tiniest of the space for storing their stuff? We bet those viral videos of folding beds, couches that turn complete beds, or stairs that store things, have had fascinated you. Well, you know what’s the best part? You need not spend your entire life’s savings to get those amazing storage units. Just a bit of renovation here and there, and boom you have utilized the empty spaces in your home for a right cause.
Here some of the ultimately satisfying ideas that can help you use that extra space under your stairs without making it look odd. Read here.

Storing the Extra Stuff

There’s an abundance of stuff that you can neither use nor throw as they are too dearly, and this never-ending love for materialistic things lead up to a lot of unwanted stuff in your house. This is when the need for creating extra space arises. You can create the space right below your staircase and use it as a store room. You can create various shelves in your store room under the staircase and a door to keep your stuff managed and hidden.

Show-off your Book Collection

If you are an avid book reader and likes showing-off your amazing collection then, you can use the empty space beneath your staircase to turn it into an attractive book shelf. Just a bit of cardboard here and there, and you have a brand-new book shelf all to yourself. Easy and Accessible!

Building a Small-cozy Office

If your job-demands you to work after office or you are someone who is more of a work-from-home type of an individual, then, it is very important to have a dedicated work-space in your house. These space under the staircase or a nice option for making a cozy office. It can easily occupy a desk, chair and some drawers. Easy-peasy!

A quiet corner to read and retire

How often you find yourself too much indulged into ready that you feel like snuggling up into your reading chair itself, but the space constraint leads you all the way up to your bedroom. Well, now no more as you can create a private, quiet corner where you can read and then retire.

Turn Steps to Drawers

Not only the space under stairs, but you can also use the stairs to keep your stuff managed. You can easily turn your stairs into drawers and store things easily. This way you’ll have everything easily accessible at your hand. These are most preferred for storing shoes.

These were some of the master hacks to store stuff using the extra spaces you have. If you think we missed something then, do let us know, we might incorporate in our next piece.

10 Plants which are good for the Office

Office interior is one of the most sagacious decisions these days. This is particularly true owing to the fact that you, your seniors, peers or counterparts, spend a significant portion of the day here. Consequently, this rightly said to be the “second home “for most of you, requires sensitive planning so that it assures that right amount of oxygen exists therein and the interior is adequately ventilated. Ideas – nobody should miss on that much needed “connection to nature”. Studies have recurrently shown that a sufficiently oxygenated environ can remarkably boost productivity, keep health in order and trigger happiness chemicals in the brain. This article takes you through ten such plants that can suitably complement with your office’s inner environment and fulfill your need for “nature’s connection” as well.

1. ZZ Plant: This African plant is becoming increasingly popular today as the best known ‘houseplant’, and the reason behind this popularity is it needs little water to raise and maintain. You also don’t have to worry about the amount of light as it can easily survive in limited lights, even in the fluorescent lights. The plant’s long leaves give you the feeling of a ladder and are attractive enough to pull the attention.

2. Philodendron: Got a compact workplace? Nothing to worry Philodendron, with its jolly green leaves, can perfectly fit in. Rest it in a pot on floor or hang it in a basket, as the space permits, Philodendron continues to ooze with greenery and emit oxygen without needing much of your attention.

3. Snake Plant: If you are looking for an office plant maintaining which is as simple as cakewalk, have this one. Your forgetfulness of watering the plant will never be a risk for its survival. Moreover, its inherent qualities of releasing ample amount of oxygen and purifying the air inside go on incessantly.

4. Cactus: Small sized cactus plants aptly fit in congested areas. At the same time, they don’t call for round the clock or daily attention from you or be watered regularly. Just give them some space with enough sunlight and they will continue to spread lushness around.

5. Lemon Balm: By having lemon balm in your office, you are actually having a Mood booster Lemon is already a pleasant fragrance and the beauty of this incredible plant never fades away – whether it is exposed to sunlight or is in a shaded places. Just make sure you keep the soil moist.

6. Jade Plant: Now here is a plant which means business Amazed? But that’s true, and it fittingly has more reasons than one to find place in your office. Name “Jade” takes you back to a folklore which in Japanese means money plant and it is connected to the fable that its presence ensures plentiful inflow of money. The plant requires little area and less water.

7. Parlor Palm: Botanically known as Chamaedorea elegans, this plant carries freshness around it. It adds that tinge of a natural surroundings in an inner space and it grows and lives even in limited light.

8. Gerber Daisy: When you have this plant in your office, you may relax for the very fact that it eliminates and filters hazardous toxins, as harsh as benzene.

9. Bamboo Palm: Any place in your office can be best for bamboo palm It evenly serves the planting requirement of your office space – whether large or small Don’t miss on the additional characteristic – of attracting fortune – associated with the smaller version of bamboo palm.

10. Azalea: This plant not only has a colorful flower but also has the quality of filtering air. This plant grows well in cool environment and easy steals the attention of everyone.

Difference between Architect and Interior Designing courses

If you are an aspiring architect or interior designer, but cannot decide which one to opt for due to the inability to draw a line between the two courses, the text that follows will do away with all your confusion.

The difference between an architect and interior designing courses is as wide as the difference between the job roles and responsibilities of an architect and an interior designer. Even though both fields and their courses are related to the designing of buildings and involve creativity, the part of a building that one designs is a fine line of demarcation between the two.

For a better understanding, below are the aspects in which the two courses can be distinguished:

Curriculum: While the curriculum of an architect course focuses on knowledge pertaining to the structural designing and engineering of a building, the curriculum of an interior designing course teaches an individual the art of designing the spaces within that building.

Space: The expertise of an architect is applicable in exteriors of a building as well as its interiors. An interior designer, on the other hand, uses his/her expertise in the interiors of a building.

Job: While the basic job of an architect is to design and review the structure of the building and oversee its construction, the job of an interior designer is concerned with the furnishing and decorating of the empty spaces that have already been built with the expertise of an architect.

Selection: While an architect makes selection as to the exterior materials, selections for furniture, windows, wall covering, and lighting are carried out by an interior designer.

Structuring: Generally speaking, the structuring of a building and its safety is the responsibility of an architect, and an interior design does not interfere with the actual structure.

Sequence: In the process starting from the inception of a building to its completion, the role of an architect precedes the role of an interior designer in the sense that a building is first constructed and later comes the part of designing its interiors.

However, it is also important to understand the similarities the two fields share. Know them!

Both architecture and interior designing are considered art and science
Both professions are related to the building of
Space planning is a major skill that is required in both fields
Both fields involve great deal of creativity
Both professions may require one to carry our responsibilities such as paint selections, tile and wood selection, interior elevations, floor plans, etc.

Now that you are fully aware of the standings of an architect and an interior designer, compare your skills and interests with the job responsibilities of both to ascertain the better career prospects for yourself.