Got a degree in Interior Design? What’s next?

With easy access to products and information, interior designing is not just interior designing today. Over the years, how we decorate a space has changed completely.

On the path to becoming an interior designer, you are sure to come across many people who stepped out of the norm and chose a field that is a tad bit different from typical interior designing. Let’s explore few such options that you can choose from after you complete your degree.

-Interior and Spatial Designing: Combining architectural knowledge, creative design skills, and project management, this job role involve designing or renovating commercial, leisure, and domestic spaces.

-Visual Merchandiser: This profile is all about developing and delivering eye-catching visual concepts and strategies on displays, that promote retail brands, products, and services in-store, for online portals, stores, and catalogues.

-Furniture/Product Designer: Along with creative designing, one needs marketing, finance, sales and commercial skills, and business awareness to excel in this role. Knowing market demands and then improving the design and usability of an item is one of the main requirements of this profile.

-Exhibition Designer: If you have strong team-work skills, can work in strict deadlines, and enjoy working in collaboration then this profile is for you. You can get to work for commercial & cultural exhibitions, showcase events, conferences, trade shows, etc.

-Production Designer (theatre/film/television): A flair for visual arts can help you succeed in this role. As a Production Designer you can work in theatre, film and television, and will be responsible for designing and styling sets, locations, graphics, props, among others.

-Retail Buyer: Planning and selecting products to sell in retail outlets is one of the job responsibilities for a Retail Buyer. This role also requires commercial awareness and excellent analytical skills.

The list does not end here and there is still lots more to explore. You can also gain some experience and then pursue a masters in your field of interest for a better and rewarding career.

A Visit By INIFD CEO Mr. Anil Khosla

A Visit By INIFD CEO Mr. Anil KhoslaWe welcomed Mr. Anil Khosla, the visionary CEO of INIFD, to our Jaipur campus recently. The objective behind his visit was multi-pronged. Firstly, to launch our new prospectus titled ‘Level Next for Gen next’. Secondly, to make the announcement that 10 INIFDians will get an opportunity to showcase their designs in ‘London Fashion Week 2017’, being organised in September.

A Visit By INIFD CEO Mr. Anil Khosla

Inspired by the rapid & global growth of INIFD, the students dressed up in designs based on cultures of the 11 countries in which INIFD has reached.

Mr. Khosla also took the time to hold a Q&A session with the eager students. He imparted knowledge upon how a designer can have an international reach through the platform which INIFD provides.

A Visit By INIFD CEO Mr. Anil KhoslaApart from London, Chicago, Indonesia, INIFD has established branches in 8 more countries, taken its place among the fastest growing design institutions of the world. Thus making every INIFDian’s chest swell up with pride.

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Amazing Chief Mentors Of INIFD

A mentor makes students see and achieve their respective dreams. INIFD has the best design mentors a young confused mentee could possibly ask for. Here is a look at our Chief Mentors for Fashion & Interior Designing.

Twinkle Khanna (Chief Mentor, Interior Design, INIFD)

Twinkle Khanna Chief Mentor Interior Design INIFDAlthough the name Twinkle Khanna is synonymous with acting, Ms. Khanna quit the acting profession after her marriage with actor Akshay Kumar. She ventured into other creative professions like interior designing & op-ed writing for a number of reknowned editorials. Both the ventures proved to be very fruitful.
She has since written two acclaimed books – ‘Mrs Funnybones’ & ‘The Legends of Lakshmi Prasad’.

As co-owner of the award winning home-decor brand ‘The White Widow’, she has been continously working on creating stunning interior apparel. She has designed homes of many bollywood stars like Salman Khan, Rani Mukherjee etc. Known for her use of texture & hand-crafted furniture, Ms. Khanna recently won the acclaimed Elle Decor International Design Award (EDIDA).

Ashley Rebello (Chief Mentor, Fashion Design, INIFD)

Ashley Rebello Chief Mentor Fashion Design INIFDAshley Rebello is a legendary fashion designer who has designed costumes for more than 40 bollywood films. Students of INIFD are often given an opportunity to work with Mr. Rebello on film sets. Some of his famous most works include: Kick, Ek Tha Tiger, Big Boss, Jaane Tu… Ya Jaane Na, Josh among others.
Not just films, Ashley also designs beautiful & exclusive gowns for international pageants. His belief in fashion as quoted on his website states “’Clothes make the man’ said Mark Twain. And Ashley Rebello believes he was ever so right. From ramp shows to divas of the Hindi film industry, from stunning brides to hot models in photo shoots, Ashley has dressed them all. Clothes according to Ashley are not just something you wear to cover your skin; clothes have to be your skin… you have to be one with that outfit… almost as if you were born for it.’”

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Why Not Design….The Creative Path

Art and creative spark that you considered so much fun can actually pay and get you your dream lifestyle. Being creative and seeing thing differently is a gift. Fun, fast- paced and lucrative, the design industry is a phenomenon in itself. Thinking about a career in design…Excellent! Becoz every organisation in the world needs you. Creating, generating and enforcing new ideas have become.

Opting For an Interior DesignThe design industry in India is aiming for the skies. Moving ahead at a firm pace, the industry is contributing significantly in technology, business, communication, media and entertainment to name a few. The innate talent of its youth is the force that makes India appealing to the global industry. Every reputed design firm and company in the world is here tapping the local talent for its creative spark and eye for detail. The entry of global players in the Indian market has enabled the firms and individual to earn high salaries and benefits.

If you have the creative spark, keen sense of details, essential mix of practical skills and a talent for using colour, shapes, space and forms, nothing can stop you ruling the design industry. The world of art and design is vast and your career can span many different specialist areas like fashion, graphic, interior, photography, fine arts, jewellery, textile, and accessory designing as per your preference.

Choose a Career In Fashion DesigningAmong all the fields of designing, Fashion and Interiors are the most popular among the youth. The multi million dollar enterprise of fashion and interiors offers varied exciting opportunities to the creative in you . The glitz, the glamour…. from runaway to the plush interiors, Fashion and Interiors not only satisfies your creative spark but give u a glittering future.

  • The Roadmap
    First understand the kind of role there are and decide what kind of designer you want to be
    Animation and VFX
  • Skill sets
    Creative mind
    New idea generation and execution
    Team work
    A sense of scale and eye for detail
    Problem solving skill
    Computer know how
    Project management
    Excellent communication skill

The Training Ground

Creative spark and eye for detail is god gift and need to be enhanced with the help of more practical skill sets. India offers you many such training grounds in form of reputed institutes like NIFT, NID, NIFD, INIFD to name a few that provide you with degrees and courses to equip your creative spark. These specialised courses help you to turn your designing career into an absolute masterpiece.

Interior Design: Future with Style

Spaces, walls, rearranging and creating something new and beautiful excite you than interior designing is your calling. In today’s world, your calling will herald a very very bright future for you!

Opting For an Interior DesignAs the world is progressing more and more people are moving to cities. As the number of city dwellers are increasing correspondingly the space is shrinking. There is a dearth need of good and talented interior designers to provide quality living and working spaces. With the increasing purchasing power and the new mindset of younger generation, the demand for efficient and aesthetic living spaces is on the rise. The role and demand of interior designer is increasing day by day. But there is a huge gap between demand and supply.

The interior designing industry is growing at a very rapid pace and is throwing many lucrative opportunities for the talented. It is a rewarding career and the average pay for an entry level designer is around 4 lakh and an experienced and reputed designer can earn up to 30 lakh & more. With the entrance of many international players into the retail, construction and housing market, the young and talented interior designers can secure jobs with international firms.

The Scope

Interior DesignBeing an interior designer is fun and creative. This design discipline can be satisfyingly rewarding as it gives you numerous avenues to explore:

  • Designing homes
    Apartments, studios, penthouses, houses – you will design the living spaces. It could be an original solution for a brand new building or rearranging a old system.
  • Designing work space
    Offices, factories, and all the places where people work. This could be a bit challenging as you will be required to be creative and functional at the same time.
  • Commercial Designs
    Retail stores, malls, shopping arcades…, you will be required to design the business space.
  • Designing Hospitality Centres
    Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs – your skills and creativity are required everywhere.
  • Educational Spaces
    Kindergartens, schools, universities the scope for your work is immense
  • Landscaping design
    All you need is the creative spark, excellent communication skills, innovation, and a passion to transform simple area into beautiful functional spaces. A keen sense of fashion, understanding of cultural preferences, and good management skills will make you stand in the crowd.

The Stepping Stone

Unlike other design disciplines, interior designing is not only about designing concepts. Interior Design skills like technical drawing, space design, latest interior design tools, great communication and interpersonal skills are prerequisite for being a successful designers. A professional course helps you to develop and further polish these traits to your maximum advantage.

Numerous reputed institutions all over India are offering study programs in interior designing. The basic qualification to get into most of these programs is a 10+2. With professional qualification comes the assurance of a good job.  And with adequate experience, you can start your own interior decoration business.
In these times when the interior designing field is growing leaps and bounds, if you are an interior design aspirant, your future is bright!

Few Things You Must Know Before Opting For an Interior Design Degree in India

Best way to excel in your career is to convert your passion into your work. Many professional courses that facilitate this transition of your artistic creativity are right here in Jaipur and you can pursue them with proper guidance from teachers, mentors and professionals. It is the urge to create something that troubles the creative mind and if that urge is channeled properly marvelous creations come out. Interior design degree in India is one such example, where students enter after school and through a conduit of proper knowledge and practical skills – find themselves making a great career out of it.

Opting For an Interior DesignBut since the admission season is round the corner and you are looking for best interior designing courses in Jaipur, India – we will help you with all the details. As your school life ends with bittersweet memories of leaving the fun and going ahead to college in pursuit of making something outfit it. Following your own interests and dreams give you a higher chance of success.

Where to study?

Yes, you must survey the specialised institutes and rate them according to the facilities, faculties, course structure etc. To find out the top interior design degree college, talk to the alumni and research on social media as well. Once you have made a list of good colleges to apply, it is helpful to learn about their admission criteria and prepare yourself for the tests or cut-off requirements.

Campus Placements

Interior Design Degree in IndiaAnother indicator and a thing that denotes the success of pursuing an interior designing course is the campus placements. Most successful campus placements mean that the education as well as practical knowledge provided by this institute is top-notch. Students gain so much during their course years that working in the field feels like a breeze as they are already trained for it.

India needs you

The demand and supply in the labour market indicates that India needs more interior decorators in the coming years. If only you are ready with the skill set there is a chance you can work in India as well as abroad designing houses and making your mark in lavish homes and offices.

You can be rich

Work wise you will not only be satisfied creatively but also in monetary terms. You can be rich while pursuing something that was your childhood dream and does not look like work as you enjoy doing every minute of it. Since, in school we are studying about different subject a specialised interior designing course in Jaipur can polish your skills and make you aware about the craft with deep knowledge.


If you want to learn more about global interior design or just want to specialise in a particular style, there are a lot of specialisations you can study and become a master. This way you will carve out a niche for yourself and your value will increase with time.

If you have any queries you can write to us and we will guide you with the right counselling for your interior designing aspirations and clear your doubts.