Instances When Fashion Dominated Sport In India

Indian sportspersons are one of the most followed trendsetters in our country, second only to Bollywood. However, fashion has always taken a backseat to sports, other than the following instances.

Indian Cricket Team Wins Fashion Prize

Players in the current Indian cricket team are part-time fashion trendsetters as well. But this was not the case in the 70s. Instead, players used to wear all-white jerseys. But the situation changed in 1977. ICC (Internation Cricket Council) introduced coloured jerseys in Day-Night matches. During the World Series Cup 1980-81, Indian cricket team wore completely coloured jerseys for the first time. The Jersey donned two colours, the primary colour being blue & secondary being yellow. The team might not have won the series, but it did win the ‘Best Looking Team’ prize.

Indian’s Sportwomens’ Secondary As Fashion Divas

Since the turn of the century, women’s sports has stopped co-existing in the shadows of men’s sport. Both off the field & on it. Sania Mirza’s Vogue cover shoots are considered to be at par with her superior tennis skills. Mithali Raj dons her casual & cosy attires as effortlessly as her batting stance. Saina Nehwal’s little black dresses, open-styled hair & high heels have gained a following of their own.
Thus, these ‘Sports Divas’ have made huge inroads in Sports-Fashion in India, especially for women.

Delhi Designer Teams Up With Formula One

Renowned evening-wear designer Madira Wirk celebrated her love for sports by designing the Grid Girls’ Uniforms at the Airtel Indian Grand Prix, 2013. The major focus was on comfort & glamour. Madira also added her own touch in the form of a peppy trench coat.

Manish Malhotra Designs IPL Jersey

When it was announced back in 2008, IPL was supposed to be about glamour as much as cricket. Keeping this in mind, Kolkata Knight Riders’ owner Shah Rukh Khan roped in Manish Malhotra to design his team’s jersey. The Legendary designer came with up an imposing black & golden uniform. As per Manish, the black colour represented Goddess Kali & Golden symbolises the spirit of life with which one must play the game of Cricket.

We hope fashion & sports team-up more in the future. What are your favourite instances of Fashion in sports?
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