Leave a Mark Wherever you Go with these Statement Dresses

Girls have been crazy about the way they carry themselves for centuries now. Well, why wouldn’t they be, as Rachel Zoe says “Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak,” your appearance speaks volumes about you. Thus, with the right outfit you can conquer the world. But often the whole picking the right dress thing becomes a tedious task that you are left puzzled, and that is why we are here. We have come up with 6 Must-Have Dresses that will just add a feather to your cap of mesmerising looks. Read on:

A Little Black Dress

Just the way Karl Lagerfeld puts it, “One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress.” A little black dress is perfect for any occasion. Be it a date night you wish to attend, to work, or even to a night wedding. Black reckoned as Classic and Timeless will work to sparkle up your beauty, and they come with a wide range of styles to compliment your body & curves.


A woman’s curves are counted to be one of the most important assets she has and thus, she has all the rights to flaunt them. Sheath dresses are best known for fitting your body type and highlight your curves in the most sophisticated and complimenting manner. They are perfect for business events, formal meetings or any other occasion, Sheath Dresses are a thumbs-up, ALWAYS!


With summers come a lot of restrictions about what to wear. You need to look trendy whilst keeping your comfort in mind. And this is where Florals come in handy. They never go out of trend, are super comfortable, and those cute, little floral prints are quite soothing to eyes. They can be picked for attending day or night events, parties or just a catch-up lunch.

Floor-down Evening Gown

Often regarded as Fairytale dresses floor-length evening gowns have always been in the fashion and doesn’t look to wind up their rule anytime soon. They were at the Throne and are expected to be there for a long time. Be it a mermaid dress that highlights your curves and have a magical entrance at a party or be it the empire waist dress that makes your legs look longer, floor-down evening gowns are perfect for making a statement entry to an evening event.

A Maxi Dress

Often there comes a time when your only priority is your comfort. But you don’t want to risk with your trendsetter image by wearing something quite old-fashioned. In such situation a cosy Maxi dress shall come to your rescue. You pull them off with a jacket, a scarf or just plain, and you are ready for a day all to your comfort. Enjoy them at shopping, brunches, etc.

An A-Line Dress

An A-line dress can be simply defined as a piece of clothing that is somewhat narrower above the waistline and then flares towards the hemline giving it sort of fit-and-flare look. If you do not feel comfortable wearing fitted bottoms due to a larger lower body, then, these dresses are exclusively created for you. They can be worn to almost any occasion and helps to pull-off an amazing body image.
These were some of the dresses that we believe every girl should have in her wardrobe because they meet the demands of almost every event. Plus, they give you the confidence required to be yourself and stand high against the challenges.

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