10 Plants which are good for the Office

Office interior is one of the most sagacious decisions these days. This is particularly true owing to the fact that you, your seniors, peers or counterparts, spend a significant portion of the day here. Consequently, this rightly said to be the “second home “for most of you, requires sensitive planning so that it assures that right amount of oxygen exists therein and the interior is adequately ventilated. Ideas – nobody should miss on that much needed “connection to nature”. Studies have recurrently shown that a sufficiently oxygenated environ can remarkably boost productivity, keep health in order and trigger happiness chemicals in the brain. This article takes you through ten such plants that can suitably complement with your office’s inner environment and fulfill your need for “nature’s connection” as well.

1. ZZ Plant: This African plant is becoming increasingly popular today as the best known ‘houseplant’, and the reason behind this popularity is it needs little water to raise and maintain. You also don’t have to worry about the amount of light as it can easily survive in limited lights, even in the fluorescent lights. The plant’s long leaves give you the feeling of a ladder and are attractive enough to pull the attention.

2. Philodendron: Got a compact workplace? Nothing to worry Philodendron, with its jolly green leaves, can perfectly fit in. Rest it in a pot on floor or hang it in a basket, as the space permits, Philodendron continues to ooze with greenery and emit oxygen without needing much of your attention.

3. Snake Plant: If you are looking for an office plant maintaining which is as simple as cakewalk, have this one. Your forgetfulness of watering the plant will never be a risk for its survival. Moreover, its inherent qualities of releasing ample amount of oxygen and purifying the air inside go on incessantly.

4. Cactus: Small sized cactus plants aptly fit in congested areas. At the same time, they don’t call for round the clock or daily attention from you or be watered regularly. Just give them some space with enough sunlight and they will continue to spread lushness around.

5. Lemon Balm: By having lemon balm in your office, you are actually having a Mood booster Lemon is already a pleasant fragrance and the beauty of this incredible plant never fades away – whether it is exposed to sunlight or is in a shaded places. Just make sure you keep the soil moist.

6. Jade Plant: Now here is a plant which means business Amazed? But that’s true, and it fittingly has more reasons than one to find place in your office. Name “Jade” takes you back to a folklore which in Japanese means money plant and it is connected to the fable that its presence ensures plentiful inflow of money. The plant requires little area and less water.

7. Parlor Palm: Botanically known as Chamaedorea elegans, this plant carries freshness around it. It adds that tinge of a natural surroundings in an inner space and it grows and lives even in limited light.

8. Gerber Daisy: When you have this plant in your office, you may relax for the very fact that it eliminates and filters hazardous toxins, as harsh as benzene.

9. Bamboo Palm: Any place in your office can be best for bamboo palm It evenly serves the planting requirement of your office space – whether large or small Don’t miss on the additional characteristic – of attracting fortune – associated with the smaller version of bamboo palm.

10. Azalea: This plant not only has a colorful flower but also has the quality of filtering air. This plant grows well in cool environment and easy steals the attention of everyone.

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