Shoe Trends That Will Shake The World in 2020

It is rightly said, “Whenever you meet someone for the first time, your subconsciously notice their shoes as the first thing about them.” An individual’s shoes are the true reflection of his/her personality, thus, making picking right shoes a tedious task. Whilst choosing a pair of shoes for yourself, you need to take care of the latest trends while keeping in mind that they go well with your personality, outfits and the place you are visiting.

The fashion world is changing every second, and so are the latest trends. The shoe industry is no exception and thus, we bring you the latest shoe trends that can help you level up your style factor by a margin. Have a look:

Slouchy Boots

Slouchy boots are making their way into the fashion world. Knee-length boots with a slouchy look can take any of your looks a notch up. They go well with anything and everything, be it your casual jeans-tee look, maxis or tunics.


After honoring the accessory world with various types of bracelets and necklaces, the chains are now going towards the shoe industry. Nowadays, you can find pumps, peep-toes or any other form of heels with chains all around them to make them look appealing. What’s more interesting that they can add up a fashionista pinch to even the most basic outfit of yours.

Sneaker Love

Everyone in today’s world is going after comfort without wanting to compromise with their fashion icon image. Thus, the fashion industry has introduced them to sneakers. They can help to rock that chic-look by going well with your casuals and keeping you all comfortable.

Going Clean with Transparent Footwears

Transparent footwears in the form of sliders, shoes, or heels or just anything are already ruling the market and have already found a place for themselves in the hearts of fashion lovers. They are strong and beautiful. What else does one want?

Square-toe shoes

The perfect partner for your formals. The square-toe shoes which were a thing in the 70s or the 90s, often referred to as the grandma shoes, are super-comfortable and ultra-stylish. You can rock your formal look by pairing it with the right-color combined square-toe shoes.

Tie-it up

The next big thing that is currently making headlines in the shoe industry is the tie-it up footwears. Coming with extra laces that can be tied-up all up to your knees. They are super-comfortable and go well with your maxis and dresses.

We believe these shoe trends will be making it big in the coming times, and it is important to have each one of them to spice up your wardrobe. They take care of your comfort as well as style.

The Best Gold Jewellery to Wear Again and Again

Women’s craze and their love for jewellery is never-ending. Accessories play a crucial role in defining the character and beauty of a lady and thus, they make the perfect gift for your lady-love. The trend at present has minimal jewellery taking a toll-over those heavy earrings and necklaces. Considering gold as a good investment, gifting the metal has become a common trend amongst people, and thus, it has become important to stay up-to-date with the latest jewellery trends.

Well, if you are a guy head-over-heels in love and looking for a perfect gift to present it to your partner or if you are a woman looking to buy yourself some gold gifts then, we have the perfect options for you right here.
There are certain ornaments that can be worn again and again without thinking about the occasion or day. They compliment you and your outfit to take your overall look a notch up. Here are some of the best gold jewellery options that you can wear almost daily without getting bothered. Read on:

Pendant and a chain

Pairing up a beautiful plain gold or diamond studded pendant with a sleek gold chain can work wonders for your look. You can carry them on a regular basis, including your professional place. They can add spark to all formals, casuals and ethnics.


No matter what type of earring you carry, they can always spice up your look. However, when talking about gold pieces of jewellery that can be worn again and again without any hassle, studs are undoubtedly every women’s favorites. They compliment your formal as well as casual looks very well. Also, there are those ‘Sui Dhaga’ earrings that can be worn repeatedly for “n” number of times with your ethnics but will always give your style statement a refreshing look.

Minimalist Rings

Rings have become a popular jewellery choice amongst the younger generation. From marking the eternal bond of a husband and wife to being the most subtle gift for the love of your life, Rings have never failed to impress people. In present times, minimalist rings with small stones or a single diamond are vividly catching attention, and also, they can be worn every single day without any worries.


Adding an illuminating look to your face, Nose rings definitely redefine your natural beauty. These can be worn with anything and everything. Form pins to rings they are available in a wide variety, you need to just pick the right one & make it your partner for the rest of the time.


In today’s time, working women prefer wearing bracelets and watches to complete their office look and thus, bracelets have been gaining wide popularity off-late. With basic yet beautiful bracelets being made available in the market, they have also found themselves a place on the list of gold pieces of jewellery that can be worn again and again without any hassle.

These were some of our favorite jewellery options that we believe can be paired up with anything and act as an essential part of your daily life. If you feel we missed out any, then do let us know.

How to Take Care of your Leather Handbag like a Pro?

A girl can only understand the importance of a leather handbag in getting her style statement right and how crucial it becomes to take care of your style savior. A leather handbag isn’t just a bag that you buy yourself for storing and carrying stuff but rather it is a fashion investment that helps you take any of your looks a notch up.

But getting yourself a leather handbag isn’t the end of the story, it is important that you take care of it like it’s your baby, to make it last longer. There are various cleaning and caring hacks available around you but finding the right one is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Well, all your worries come to an end as we have found the right cleaning procedure for you. Read it here:

Luke warm water and soap

The best way to get rid of dirt on the outside of your handbag mix a little amount of liquid soap into lukewarm water and use the mixture with a soft damp cloth. Use this hack once a week to keep your bag free of any dust.

Keeping it stuffed while not using

When you are not using your handbag for a long-time, keep it stuffed with papers, or covers or anything that you feel will help in retaining its shape. We often tend to throw things away without thinking about aftercare, leather handbags, if kept loosely for a long time, tend to lose their original shape which affects their looking.

Rubbing Alcohol or Nail Polish Remover

Ink stains and swabs are a common problem that almost we all have dealt with. No matter how hard you try, these stains are so stubborn that they refuse to leave from your lovely handbag. Well, now all you need to do is dip a cotton ball in nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol and try cleaning the stain. It will come off very easily.

Direct Sunlight is a BIG NO!

One of the most important things about taking care of your leather handbag is ensuring that it is not directly exposed to the sunlight for a long time. Long exposure to direct sunlight can cause the leather to damage and the color to fade.

Baking Soda or Cornstarch

Oil stains or say grease stains are even worse then the ink ones and no matter what you try, they are always going to leave a mark. Even if you manage to get the stain off, it will leave a foul smell in the bag. In such cases always use baking soda or corn starch. Rub either of the things with a damp cloth on the stain let it sit overnight and then wipe it off with a soft cloth. To get rid of the smell put baking powder in your bag, and leave it overnight. Baking powder will absorb all the unwanted smell.

These were some of the hacks to make taking care of your leather handbag easy-peasy. Try all of them and let us know which one is your favorite.

This is How You can Rock the Return of Retro

The current fashion industry is witnessing a rewind time as the Retro styles are back with a bang. Starting with loosely fitted bottoms to wild prints to looking all chic in leather, old-school fashion trends are making people go gaga. Well, with the introduction of something new, it becomes mandatory to upgrade your wardrobe, but we think the return of retro isn’t much of a burden on your pockets. All you need to rock the retro look is making sure you have the below mentioned.

Puff Sleeves

One of the most important fashion trends from the time of the 70s or 80s in those fluffed sleeves. Be it a casual top, a work-wear or even an ethnic dress, puffed sleeves are back in the game. Style them with ankle length denim, trousers or a lehenga, and you are ready to slay,

Wild Prints everywhere

The other most important thing that could be seen everywhere back in those times was ‘Wild Prints.’ People wearing 3D designs, wild cheetah prints or some kind of other bold prints were seen at every corner of the street. So, it the case now. Those prints are again back in trend and can be used to carry a cool look.


Loafers have made a startling comeback. Often referred to as the perfect footwear for grandmas, these square shaped shoes have managed to make a place for themselves amongst the latest trends, owing to the comfort they offer. We suggest that you should definitely have a pair of these as they can be easily styled with both professional and casual.


These rough, woollen fabric that made rounds during the 80s and 90s in the fashion industry are once again catching people’s attention. With the winters getting chillier, Tweeds have turned out an exceptional woollen choice. They take care of your style statement while balancing out the comfort factor by protecting you from those spine-chilling falls.

Loose Bottom Pants

Fashion today is all about comfort combined with style. Loose end denims were a talk of the town, and they are now once again creating a buzz in the industry with their comfortable chic look. Denim palazzos, trousers and even jeans with their loose fitted bottom are becoming a popular choice among people who are already too occupied with their personal and professional life. They can be styled both at work and parties while keeping your style factor always up.

Stay in Spotlight All Night with These Party Dresses

The year is coming to an end and it’s time to wrap all your worries up, put on your best outfit and get ready to Party All Night We know you’ll surely be battling with the constant nervousness of looking the best among your family and friends. With the party season coming closer we have picked up some of the best looks that can definitely give you the worth for your money and make you look effortlessly beautiful. Get ready to rock the stage and start your new year looking magnificently beautiful with these stay in spotlight dress ideas. Read on:

Shine in those Shimmery Outfits

The season that is soon coming to an end was very much focused on shimmery outfits that found a place in every girl’s closet. Thus picking up something that ruled the entire year for celebrating the last night sounds a good option to us. So, get up pick a shining dress pair it up with glittery high heels and you are ready to slay.

The Craze of Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail dresses have always been the talk of the town. They have not lost their charm even after years down the lane And what can be better than a cocktail dress to bid a warm and thankful goodbye to the year. A little black, red or white cocktail dress combined with high heels or boots is all you need to set the stage on fire.

The Joyous Jumpsuits

If you are looking for comfort and class combined, then, jumpsuits are the ultimate choice. Pull-off a comfy look with a super-cool jumpsuit paired with a leather jacket or any other crop jacket, flats, minimal accessories and get going.

Choose the Chic Look

Do you also belong to the group of girls who prefer to show up wearing something chic and stylish, something that is different from everyone else’s outfit? Then this is exclusively for you. Throw up a super short skirt paired up with an elegant top knee length boots and a crop jacket, and watch people drooling over your look.

These were some of our suggestions to help you get the desired look for the upcoming all-night party. Try these out and do let us know which one among these turned out to be your favorite.

Brighten up your Closet to Brighten up your Fashion Looks

Walk-in closets are in trend and almost every girl’s dream. So, when you get your dream come true, is it not necessary to decorate it in the best possible manner? Lighting plays a crucial role in helping you get that desired look while getting ready in your lovely closet. But many a people are still skeptical about getting their closets all brightened up as they think of putting in lights in their closet to be often a waste of money or not at all needed.

However, we are here to tell you about the importance of placing various types of lights in your closet system. We did a lot of research and referred to the ideas of various designers that help people bring their dream closet to reality, before narrowing down to the below-mentioned explanations of why you need to get your closet lightened up. Read on to know all:

Better Show of Colors

When there is a lot of light at the place you pick your outfit at, makes it much easier for you to understand the colors better and plan your look for the day ahead. When in full light the colors tend to show up in a better manner and their truest possible gradient so that you get to understand the mix and match game while avoiding to look like a piece of total mismatch.

Helps you Pick the Best Look

The lights in your closet always come to rescue when it comes to picking up outfits that make peace with the weather outside. Just the way in winters warm colors are preferred and the cool colors are kept for the summers, just the way pastel colors are for the day and dark colors for the night. The lighting helps you get an idea of how you might look when you step in the lighting wearing the outfit you have picked, saving you from a lot of unwanted embarrassment.

Makes it Look Appealing

The designers out in the world are offering various new designs and lights for your loved closet. This way, not only helping you to pull-off your best look but also making your wardrobe look more appealing and pleasing for the viewers. Brightening up your closet helps you achieve the visual satisfaction that you look for while decorating your house.

These were some of the reasons that we found sufficient for us to get those wardrobes all lighted up. If you are someone who still has their wardrobe or closet in the designing or decorating phase, make sure you pick the best decorators for that little baby, after all that will the place you are going to spend and pull-off your best looks.

This Thanksgiving Shine with your Style!

It’s the time of the year when all the major festivities start, helping us end the on-going year on a happy-note while gearing up to start the coming year with full zest. But one thing that stays put and obvious is being stylish, no matter what the occasion is. With Thanksgiving around the corner, the preparations to show gratitude towards things and people we owe, have already started. Also, winters have made their way and styling your outfit is definitely going to get difficult with limited options available at your hands. If you too are someone whose inbox is flooding with Thanksgiving invitations but still confused about how to rock your thanksgiving look, then we might have something for you right here.

Pull-off a Pull-over Look

The easiest way to show up all dressed in a stylish yet comfortable look is to pull off a sweater + denims + boots/shoes look. Pair up an over-sized sweater with tight denims and colourful shoes or heeled boots, and you are all good to go.

Blazers Always to your Rescue

If you are someone who is not a winter’s child and feel extra cold than others, then this look might be just perfect for you. Pick flared pants or denims from your wardrobe, combine them with a fluffy turtle-neck, and then throw up an oversized blazer. Complete your look with heels.

The Short Skirt Look

If you are going for a high-end gathering and believe you, denim or blazer look can fail to create an impression then, go for a super-stylish yet cozy look. Pair a short skirt with a plain top, a leather jacket, tights and knee-length boots. This is the best way to stay stylish while keeping yourself warm.

Let the Scarves do the Talking

Scarves are a thing again. With the return of retro in the fashion industry, scarves have once again become a popular outfit choice among women. You can complete your chic and comfortable look by putting up a scarf with any of your outfits. This will not just help you stay warm but also will give you an elegant look to rock the ramp.

Sweat-off with Sweater Dresses

Another important fashion outfit that you can use to pull off a magnificent thanksgiving look is the sweater dress. These long, woollen sweater dresses not just help you fight off the cold winds but help you pull-off that shift dress look even in these chilly winters. Pair your sweater dress with knee length boots, high-heels or even colourful shoes. You can add a trendy handbag to complete your look.

Fashion Hacks for Night Parties this Coming Fall

Winters are coming, no scratch that, they are already here and with winters the time of parties is coming near too. With the festive season around the corner, you are surely going to get a lot of party invitations. Now, we girls need to look hot, chick, and comfortable, but in winters it is equally important to feel hot and not just look hot.
From Christmas dinners or parties to casual night outs, or weddings and New Year, a lot of parties are coming your way. Thus, you need to know fashion hacks that make you shine, and get ready within minutes and keep you warm, and not make you seem out of place. That is why in this article, we will focus on fashion hacks that will help you shine in the winters without compromising on your style or comfort level.
Let’s take a peek at these fashion hacks:


Have plans to party the whole night on New Year’s Eve? Great, but you need to protect your legs without wearing denims to cover them up. Boots are a great option if you want to go out and party in a skirt or dress; they look great and also cover your legs up. Pair them up with a long coat, and you will be set to rock the stage.

Capes are back ladies! So, mix your modern style with this classic to look chick and comfortable. They look great with dresses or skirts and are a great add on for a casual and glam party.


Jackets and specifically leather jackets never go out of style. They make you look amazing and go with literally every piece of cloth. Have a night party coming up? Pair your favorite leather jacket with a dress, or denim or a trouser or even with that knee-length skirt or dress. It goes with long dresses too. Wearing a jacket is one of the best hacks as it keeps you warm and also makes you look trendy and cool.


If you are someone who gets cold easily and likes to wear a sweater underneath your dress, shrugs can help you. Go for a subtle but sparkly shrug that will cover you up. A shrug is a great piece of cloth that you can wear with jeans and tops or dresses or even skirts. Just pair them nicely, and you will look catchy, trendy, and all those layers will keep you safe too.

Skirts are a great party option but don’t worry you won’t feel cold wearing them in December because of this little hack. Wear innerwear that keeps you warm. Also, pair them with boots, overcoats, or gloves and shrugs. Layer it up so that you look amazing, and feel hot. Long straight skirts too are a great option for you.
These are some of the best hacks that you should try this winter season to rock at a night party, without compromising on your health.

Tips on styling your leather jacket

Since fall is around the corner, we believe it would be fitting to talk to you about how to style your leather jacket. A leather jacket is a must piece of cloth that every woman should have in their wardrobe. If you don’t have one, your closet will never feel complete. A leather jacket is something that goes with all attires and makes you look simply amazing.
It works in all seasons and makes you look fabulous without putting in much effort. In this blog, we will discuss some tips on how to style your leather jacket.
So, let’s begin..

1.Use a leather jacket to enhance your leisure wear

Sometimes to suit the level of comfort, we prefer wearing joggers or track pants to the nearest coffee shop or to drop off some mail. But often you cross paths with people that you know, and that is when you cringe thinking about your low-key attire. For this type of lazy mornings, all you need to do is just mix and match. Wear your favorite sneakers, throw up a leather jacket on your track pants and you are good to go.

2.Use the leather jacket for a comfy casual but chic look

Don’t discard your leather jacket when it comes to your office wear. They look great when you pair them with classy-fitting trousers and a comfortable t-shirt. Pair them with pumps or heels, and you are ready to go to your office looking chic and casual at the same time.

3.Jacket and a scarf

Wear your leather jacket with a cool scarf to look amazing while keeping yourself warm in the winter season. You can rock the winter look while not stepping out of your comfort zone.

4.Pair your leather jacket with your little dress

Another way to wear that leather jacket is by pairing it with your little dress. If you are wearing a lacy dress, choose a leather jacket with metal hardware. Complete the look with a pair of boots for winters or heels for summer; you can even throw in a scarf if you want.

5.An all-black plain ensemble

Want to look classy but not at the cost of your comfort for your next ride? Then try an all-black ensemble. Wear your favorite and comfortable pair of leggings with a black tee and throw your black leather jacket on top of it.
6.Leather jacket for your printed dress

Not sure how to wear your printed dress or attire in the fall season? Well, if you have a leather jacket, you are sorted. Any type of printed attire looks fabulous with a black leather jacket.

7.Shorts with leather

You can pair your favorite denim shorts with a comfortable tee and a leather jacket to look uber cool and stylish. Also, complete the look with a pair of boots or sneakers according to your taste and the place you live.
A leather jacket is a staple in most women’s closet and is a perfect cloth that goes with every piece of attire. Try these tips and make the most out of your leather jacket.

7 ways to style your black outfit like a pro

What is one color that everyone loves and is the first thing we pick when we are in doubt? Black, right! Black is a forever favorite color that makes everyone look sexy, confident and amazing. Black has always been a great color, but currently, it is getting even more popularity due to the amazing Kendal Jenner who styles it so unique that everyone wants to know her secret.
Black is a universal color that suits every skin tone and ethnicity. It is just awesome, and you need to have lots of blacks in your wardrobe. From tops to tube tops to a little black dress, make sure you have one piece of black in every outfit.
Owning black clothes is not enough; you need to know how to style them to complete the look and look even better. Here are some tips that will help you style your black outfits like a pro.

A matching black top with black velvet trousers/pants

A complete black look is something you should certainly try. Try a black velvet plant or a trouser with a dangling belt and pair it with an amazing black crop top, tube top, or deep neck top. You can complete the look with minimal makeup, red or nude lipstick, minimal accessories, and black heels.

A Casual Black Look

Looking black is something you should try. Try a black velvet pant or a trouser with a dangling belt and pair it with an amazing black crop top, tube top, or deep neck top. You can complete the look with minimal makeup, red or nude lipstick, minimal accessories, and black heels.
A comfortable, casual, and chic look

Turtleneck with black skinny jeans

Another way to wear all black is by pairing your black skinny jeans with a black turtleneck. You can opt for a complete black turtleneck or one with some design or fur. Also, you can add a pair of black heels to go for a completely black look.

All black gym wear

Want to look uber chick and cool while going to the gym? Why not try a black sweatshirt with black trousers? It will look ravishing, and of course, complete the look with your favorite pair of sneakers.

Black shots or skirts

Opt for a black skirt or shorts instead. Pair it with a cool blacktop or a white t-shirt. You can wear any neutral pair of shoes with it. Also, going somewhere fancy, add a little neckpiece or earrings to the look, and you are good to go.

Black jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are awesome, and if they are in black, they look cooler. Pair them with minimal accessories like a long subtle pendant and a simple but messy hairdo.

Little black dress with an overcoat

Want to wear your little black dress in winters, then opt for a black overcoat with it. It will look ravishing, and you can complete the look with a white sneakers or with a pair of boots.
It’s time to make black even more stylish! And with these tips, you can accomplish this task with ease