5 Must-Have Essentials For 2020

What a year this has bee so far, nobody really expected things to unfold this way! But we should stay positive and hope everything gets back to normal very soon!

Well despite the fact that we have traded our jeans with sweats and dresses with comfy tees, a wardrobe should always look neat and trendy. We don’t know how long we have to stay put in our homes, but let’s face it when all of this does pass eventually, we must either have a sorted wardrobe or a list of essential that we must buy.

Planning wardrobe is essential anyways and streamlining your fashion choices for the latest season is something that you just can ignore. So in order to make your fashion life easier even in the times of quarantine, we have listed 5 must-haves for this season, let’s check them out

Bright Colors Collection

Bold and sparkling colors never go out of fashion especially when you’re on a cusp of a new season. Summer awaits us with open arms and we should embrace the nature’s way of saying it’s time to bloom. Bright swimwear and daily fixups with hight pitch colors has to be there in your wardrobe.

Comfort Jeans

We may be living in an evolving era of new fabrics and hybrid clothing but nothing can really replace denim. This is something that never goes out of style, if anything it gets better and better with time. The classic easy fit jeans are the new sensation and they look fantastic. You got to have one of these.

Platform Oxfords

Well, oxfords are back! These sleek and designer shoes are comfortable like sneakers and go almost with everything. They have an elevated platform so you don’t have to worry about the rough outdoors either. You can wear them with socks, without socks and the best part is, they’ll compliment your accessories quite exquisitely. You must have at least a pair this season.

The Big Collars

With the late 70s and early 80s dominating almost all major fashion corners of the world, it’s time we might as well acknowledge the big collar, and not just the regular Roger Moore or Burt Reynolds collar but the disco collars. Yes, the Saturday night fever is catching on and the decades-old poky style is back. You got to have a jacket of some type with broad or big collars to don this season.

The Coat Dress

Talk about a timeless trend, how can the coat dress go unmentioned. It’s a combination of a coat and a dress often wore by the royalties. This is one of the few classic styles that has featured in almost all major events in the last couple of years. It’s truly a must-have for this season.

We hope you like our list of top 5 fashion trends to sport this season.

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