Offbeat Careers: Lifestyle Accessory Design

The paying capacity of the Indian population has grown rapidly. This has led to a massive increase in demand for lifestyle accessories. To meet this demand, organizations have started hiring lifestyle accessory designers. Due to the competitive salaries offered, many students are taking up accessory design courses to learn the nuances of the art.

Why Choose Accessory Design?

If you adore creative fashion accessories such as jewellery, belts, handbags, bracelets, shoes, scarves etc. Then a career in accessory design is for you. A few other skills which would help you in being a good designer are:

  • An eye for detail: You should have an observant nature which never misses anything.
  • A want to prove your originality
  • Imagination To Implementation: The will power to make your imagination come real.
  • Knowledge of raw materials which go in the making of an accessory.
  • Knowledge of Current Fashion Trends

How to Start a Career in Accessory Design?

Even though there aren’t any stringent educational requirements to become an accessory designer, doing a diploma from a design institute will help you in getting better job opportunities . After schooling, students can join INIFD which will help them in learning the intricacies of accessory design in addition to internship opportunities in famous fashion labels.

What will the course include?

Although there are slight variations, a lifestyle design course at a respectable institute will include teachings in textile history, drawing & CAD (Computer Aided Drafting).

What Does The Job Entail?

Lifestyle Design is more or less similar to any other design job. If you are working as a freelancer, then you would have to research on current trends in the industry and accordingly come up with respective designs. If you are working as an employee at a lifestyle brand, the designs would then be based on the employers needs but you will learn a lot about the different stages of production, such as manufacturing, sampling, labelling etc.

How much does it pay?

As a freelance accessory designer, there is no limit to how much you will earn, but keep in mind there would very little money in the beginning. As an employee, you would earn INR 5,40,000 per annum (approx.).

What is the reach of this Industry?

The fashion accessory industry has grown at a rate of 25% per year in recent times. As Indian Ethnic wear is becoming very popular in many countries, the reach of this industry is said to be on a global scale.

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