Street Style the London way

The London Fashion Week takes place twice a year, once in February and then in September. Its first edition of the year wrapped up on the 18th of February. There were of course names we already know like Burberry and Christopher Kane along with some newcomers who are creating quite a buzz such as Petar Petrov.

The city saw a wave of street style trends of pinks and yellows paired with neutral tones like beige and white. There were some flowing dresses with oversized sleeves and stunning pantsuits in monochrome as well.

Here are the top street style highlights from the London fashion week.

  • Checks were a hot favorite this season. This time though this evergreen pattern was seen in layers in clashing colors. Designers experimented with checks by wearing the same print from head to toe.
  • As bright colors found a lot of takers this season it wasn’t just about adding some pop colors in your wardrobe. The colors were paired with neutral colors such as beige and black to make them stand out. Some who didn’t want to experiment too much just added a bag or shoes in a bright color!
  • Brightly colored bold prints have also found their way into the winter wardrobe. Play it down with a brown or beige overcoat.
  • For those who aren’t into too much color monochrome had a more contemporary take. Oversized coats in black paired with black and beige pants styled with a white shirt would set the monochrome tone perfectly. Add in a black or white bag to keep it aligned to the same style.
  • The color of the season seems to be yellow. Following the monochrome trend yellow pantsuits were quite a favorite. We also saw yellow pants and coats paired with a more neutral print.
  • There were a lot of people sticking to different shades of same color to complete their look. Pink colored sweater with a rose-colored dress with burgundy boots was our favorite!
  • Belts have made a comeback this season and the fashion industry is abuzz with the popular belt bags! Wear the belt bags over an overcoat or with a winter dress to make a style statement.
  • The fashion world has taken a liking to trainers like never before and frankly we have no complaints. A long grey duster coat and white trainers spell classy and chic without a doubt!
  • Evening bags with day outfits, blue mules with single toned styles, feathery and frilly tops and floral prints were some other trends that caught our eye.

We saw some extremely well paired looks this fashion week and there wasn’t a single person who wasn’t sporting at least one of the displayed street-style trends.

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