This is How You can Rock the Return of Retro

The current fashion industry is witnessing a rewind time as the Retro styles are back with a bang. Starting with loosely fitted bottoms to wild prints to looking all chic in leather, old-school fashion trends are making people go gaga. Well, with the introduction of something new, it becomes mandatory to upgrade your wardrobe, but we think the return of retro isn’t much of a burden on your pockets. All you need to rock the retro look is making sure you have the below mentioned.

Puff Sleeves

One of the most important fashion trends from the time of the 70s or 80s in those fluffed sleeves. Be it a casual top, a work-wear or even an ethnic dress, puffed sleeves are back in the game. Style them with ankle length denim, trousers or a lehenga, and you are ready to slay,

Wild Prints everywhere

The other most important thing that could be seen everywhere back in those times was ‘Wild Prints.’ People wearing 3D designs, wild cheetah prints or some kind of other bold prints were seen at every corner of the street. So, it the case now. Those prints are again back in trend and can be used to carry a cool look.


Loafers have made a startling comeback. Often referred to as the perfect footwear for grandmas, these square shaped shoes have managed to make a place for themselves amongst the latest trends, owing to the comfort they offer. We suggest that you should definitely have a pair of these as they can be easily styled with both professional and casual.


These rough, woollen fabric that made rounds during the 80s and 90s in the fashion industry are once again catching people’s attention. With the winters getting chillier, Tweeds have turned out an exceptional woollen choice. They take care of your style statement while balancing out the comfort factor by protecting you from those spine-chilling falls.

Loose Bottom Pants

Fashion today is all about comfort combined with style. Loose end denims were a talk of the town, and they are now once again creating a buzz in the industry with their comfortable chic look. Denim palazzos, trousers and even jeans with their loose fitted bottom are becoming a popular choice among people who are already too occupied with their personal and professional life. They can be styled both at work and parties while keeping your style factor always up.

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