7 Creative Ideas To Style The Radiators

The radiator might be an essential part of the house still you don’t want it to be staring at you like an ugly art piece that you can’t get rid of. Whether your style of décor is minimalistic or traditional here are some ways to cover the radiator and make it a part of your décor.

Make a cover

The easiest way to hide your radiator is to make a cover for it that matches the overall theme of the room. The upper space can be used to put some decorations and accents in the room. Why not make a reading corner? Let the cover become a backrest, place some mattress and some cushions in front and make a cozy corner. The top can hold a book stand too!

Place your furniture strategically

Sometimes all it requires is placing the furniture in such a manner that the radiator does not look out of place or gets completely covered by the furniture in front of it. Depending upon the size you could hide it behind the big sofa or a reading chair and paint it the same color as the wall. Don’t want it to blend in with the wall, you can use the same color as the furniture around it.

Make it a part of your design

While designing the house you could make the radiator a part of the furniture. The radiator grills could add in the contemporary touch to your furniture. You could build a counter around it or a simple side accent table.

Let the plants cover it

All houses have started incorporating some indoor plants in their living rooms and also in the bedrooms. The plant pots and vases conveniently hide the radiator behind them without having to put in much effort.

Make it an art stand

Take that beautiful but very heavy painting that you just can’t get to hang on the wall and let it rest against the radiator. Also when you want to turn the radiator up in winters you can just move the painting conveniently to the side.

Decorate the wall above

Color the radiator the same color as the walls. This draws the attention away from it. Put some contemporary wall art above it so that the radiator is not the focus.

Build some shelves

Use the extra space by building a table top and shelves above the radiator. In small houses, it’s a great way of utilizing space without adding in too much stand-alone furniture.

Whatever is your style of decorating, the radiator can be camouflaged without compromising the underlying theme of the house.

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