A Quick Guide To Choosing Just The Right Paint Finish

So this is what most people say when asked what interiors they want for their home, “just keep it simple”. Believe us, home decor especially the paint, is as far from being simple as you can possibly imagine.

When setting up a room, the hardest part is to choose what color should be the walls. And even when you have riffled through tons of catalogs, you just can’t make up your mind about what exactly you want. It’s like drowning into a whirlpool of options.

But wait, choosing what color you want isn’t the only challenge because even if you have finalized the theme of your interiors, it’s important to choose the finish. The same color can have a totally different look and feel based on the kind of finish it has.

This additional layer of variety means all the more options! But don’t worry coz we bring you a simple guide to choosing just the right paint finish for your home. Let’s have a look


Satin certainly gives your walls a sophisticated character with a fine gloss and just the right tinge of shine. It’s neither too shiny nor too dusky, just about right in the middle of the color spectrum. It’s perfect for rooms that don’t get much natural light like bathrooms, attics, etc.


With probably the highest color tone than any other finish in the list, it can very easily be considered the concealing option. Much like satin this too very pleasantly soaks up the light, creates a perfect environment, and can also hide bumps and cracks in the wall.

The Glossy Finish

Now here are two varieties of gloss you can choose from. First are the highly glossed walls that are super shiny, highly designable, and go perfect for making a strong statement. The second one is semi-gloss which is relatively less shiny but quite radiant and is suitable for rooms that you spend most of your time at like the living area or the kitchen.


It’s right in between the satin and the matte finish. In fact, it very truthfully resembles the eggshell, and thus the name. It has a very velvety texture with a fine shimmer when hit by light. Perfect for everyday areas like the bedroom and the porch.


If you’re looking for a poised, almost non-reflective, and a rich look, then the matte finish is what you should choose. It’s highly durable and would save you money as well. So going for this soft and dampen matte look may not a bad idea after all.

We hope these options help you decide what finish you want for your home.

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