How to transform the Space Under your Stairs in Storage Units?

Space has become a constraint in our day-to-day life, and thus, the rebels are looking for DIYs that shall help them utilize even the tiniest of the space for storing their stuff? We bet those viral videos of folding beds, couches that turn complete beds, or stairs that store things, have had fascinated you. Well, you know what’s the best part? You need not spend your entire life’s savings to get those amazing storage units. Just a bit of renovation here and there, and boom you have utilized the empty spaces in your home for a right cause.
Here some of the ultimately satisfying ideas that can help you use that extra space under your stairs without making it look odd. Read here.

Storing the Extra Stuff

There’s an abundance of stuff that you can neither use nor throw as they are too dearly, and this never-ending love for materialistic things lead up to a lot of unwanted stuff in your house. This is when the need for creating extra space arises. You can create the space right below your staircase and use it as a store room. You can create various shelves in your store room under the staircase and a door to keep your stuff managed and hidden.

Show-off your Book Collection

If you are an avid book reader and likes showing-off your amazing collection then, you can use the empty space beneath your staircase to turn it into an attractive book shelf. Just a bit of cardboard here and there, and you have a brand-new book shelf all to yourself. Easy and Accessible!

Building a Small-cozy Office

If your job-demands you to work after office or you are someone who is more of a work-from-home type of an individual, then, it is very important to have a dedicated work-space in your house. These space under the staircase or a nice option for making a cozy office. It can easily occupy a desk, chair and some drawers. Easy-peasy!

A quiet corner to read and retire

How often you find yourself too much indulged into ready that you feel like snuggling up into your reading chair itself, but the space constraint leads you all the way up to your bedroom. Well, now no more as you can create a private, quiet corner where you can read and then retire.

Turn Steps to Drawers

Not only the space under stairs, but you can also use the stairs to keep your stuff managed. You can easily turn your stairs into drawers and store things easily. This way you’ll have everything easily accessible at your hand. These are most preferred for storing shoes.

These were some of the master hacks to store stuff using the extra spaces you have. If you think we missed something then, do let us know, we might incorporate in our next piece.

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