Mistakes That Need To Be Avoided By Every Interior Designer

Let’s admit we are all humans and sometimes we all make mistakes. As professionals, interior designers have a magnanimous responsibility of giving specific ambience to a given area. Such projects need myriad of skills that vary from simple math to deep knowledge of colors, shape, architecture, vastu, lighting effects, and a few others. Experienced designers seldom make mistakes but beginners and inspiring designers need to keep a close tap on several aspects. If you too come from the beginners segment of this profession, you may want to take note of following points:

Furniture and Space Mismatch: It is tempting to fit in large pieces of furnitures in a room especially when your client is keen on making a statement. However, as a professional, it is your responsibility to see that the size of furniture is in sync with the shape and size of room. If the clients wants to bring-in a large couch that just doesn’t go with rooms dimensions, find some better alternative rather than just giving into their request.

Lighting: It is one of the most crucial elements and every interior designer should know how to make best use of it. The thumb rule dictates, always design the interiors to allow maximum natural light and air unless it is a Igloo or a fort being built in middle of desert. Bad lighting can not only ruin a room but also your work profile and client’s confidence in you. Take care of small things like not keeping the overhead lighting as only source of illumination. Make sure to leave some other layers of lighting on.

Being Too Trendy: It is natural for a client to want to follow trends but a good professional will always know what is good and what is bad for a given place. Also, following too many trends wouldn’t let the room acquire a specific mood. The final result will be a jack of all trends but reflection of none. Sit with the client and ask them what they really love and how they visualize a given place. Explain him or her the significance of individuality and uniqueness and why you cannot inculcate too many concepts in one go. Make sure they  understand that interiors cannot be rectified at the frequency of changing trends.

The Color Tirade: It is good to follow a color theme but there is no need to match every small and big element with it. Keep the larger parts as per the theme but try to use complementary colors with smaller parts, floor, terrace, and other things that are close to the biggest pieces. Keep your mind open to striking color combinations and using dark colors in small pockets. Be experimental but make sure you do not go overboard with any single shade especially in living rooms and bedrooms.

Final Word

These are just a few advisory points which might prove helpful to you in a long run. Although, perfection comes only with experience and the later is a combination of mistakes and scoring points. But make sure you don’t make mistakes on peril of client’s money and your career.

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