Pampas Grass Decor Ideas

Decorating with natural elements has always been on the top of list for all interior experts. Fresh flowers, air-purifying plants and now Pampas grass. Yes, you heard it right Pampas Grass or Cortaderia Selloana is the new drama piece!

With minimalistic trends finding their way into interior décor, these wavy brown-toned stalks go extremely well with the white walls and simplistic furniture settings.

There was a time when dry flowers were the in thing. All households were filled with different shades of brown being used to elevate the table settings, the side boards and every other surface that needed decorating.

Pampas grass is built around the same shades but in a more minimalistic manner. These feathery stalks that can be golden or rust-colored add a dash of drama when paired with any other flowers.

This undying plant complements the neutral color trend perfectly. Contemporary yet artistic they add a subtle creative touch.

Set against dark walls and with neutral colored vases this suddenly lifts up a corner making it the center of attraction of the room. The feathery plumes also give a feeling of relaxed and soothing décor which is the underlying theme for most homes nowadays.

Available in every season you cannot run out of ideas to decorate with this neutral-toned plant. Here are a few

  • Want an autumnal vibe , pair it with a white vase and some vintage accents.
  • Aiming at a more sophisticated setting? Up the glamour factor with velvet furnishings and a stunning vase with a few feathery stalks of Pampas as the focus.
  • Want to draw attention to that dramatic black wall, it’s the perfect backdrop for these luscious brown stalks.
  • If you are not into the minimalistic culture and love your pillows and throws Pampas Grass is the right décor element for you too. A pastel shaded wall transparent vases and other dried flowers to add into the look will make the set up modern yet cozy.
  • With focus now on stress-free lives, many people are converting their bedrooms into meditative retreats so as to give them a feeling of peace at home. After removing all the clutter and keeping only the essentials in the room plants are the best way to create a peaceful atmosphere in the room. The brown and feathery stalks of Pampas give a calming and soothing feeling set in neutral-colored vases on the floor.
  • Not only in vases but a lot of décor enthusiasts made creative wreaths last Christmas with this grass!

These smooth waving stalks of Pampas are so soothing to look at that all households are slowly adopting them in their décor. Who would have thought we could do so much with some humble grass.

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