Create to Succeed – Career Opportunities in Textile Design

Being in textile design industry opens up for you a whole new world of career opportunities. You can use your creativity and knowledge to watch yourself thrive in various roles that are relevant to your expertise. Opt for the one that puts your flair for creation to the best use.


Here are the top career options in Textile Design!

Textile Designer

You can start your career as a textile designer to make excellent use of your innovativeness and all that you’ve learnt during the program. The career revolves around producing designs for woven, printed, or knitted fabrics which can be used for clothing as well as interior designing. A good understanding of the fundamentals of colour, shape, and texture in addition to the technical aspects of textile design is a prerequisite.

Textile Production Manager

A Textile Production Manager is entrusted with the responsibility to oversee all the stages involved in the process of textile manufacturing, and is supposed to ensure that the production goes smoothly, in a cost-effective manner, and the desired standards are achieved. Among people with prior experience in related profiles, this role is counted among the top career choices in textile design industry.

 Pattern Designer

A highly rewarding profession that requires you to work alongside designers to create patterns or templates out of fabrics that are ultimately used by apparel manufacturers for mass producing garments. Attention to detail and critical thinking are two top skills required to excel as a pattern designer.

Textile Marketing Manager

Marketing of textile is as vital as its manufacturing, and that is where the role of a Textile Marketing Manager comes in. It is an excellent position for a Textile Designing post graduate with a good knowledge and experience in market research, product development, pricing strategies, etc. A number of marketing functions are carried out by a Textile Marketing Manager to facilitate a smooth flow of textile products from manufacturers to consumers.


 Go ahead, take a pick that suits your ambitions and utilizes your forte. The industry always has room for talented aspirants!

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